Friday, June 18, 2021

When ideas collide with reality

This will be tough to replicate in August

Mrs ERJ reads this blog. She claims that she gets a different perspective of where my head is than what I share verbally. She expressed an interest in giving the idea of "subsistence gardening" a solid test.

Mrs ERJ broached the subject of "eating out of the garden" for one month. That is, not spending a dime on outside food during that month but relying on our larder and the garden's output.

I found that to be an intriguing proposition. I thought August would be a good month to try her idea but I would struggle without carbs.

Mrs ERJ reminded me that we have rice stored in five gallon buckets.

Then I said that I would really miss fresh milk. She allowed how one or two exceptions might be made.

As we talked through the idea, it became clear that we would not lack for eggs as Sprite WANTS to give us free eggs. Also, the two bullheads we tossed back on Wednesday would be enough fish for at least two meals between the two of us.

While September or October might be easier months overall, I think we are going to stick with August. August is rich in greens, beans, 'maters. Fruits will be wild blackberries and near the end of the month early pears and peaches. If nothing else, it will clear space in the pantry for the next year's applesauce and canned tomatoes.

It is a shame that I didn't plant any sweet corn this year.


  1. In a way we considered the same thing here as well. We're considering going south over the border when they finally open it to non essential traffic. We may need to still self quarantine for two weeks when we get back.

    But we figured we wouldn't need any outside help from family. Powdered milk for two weeks and the two hens are still cranking out 7 eggs every 4 days. Plus our dry, canned and frozen supplies and the garden produce. That could go on for months if we had to. We'd miss the fresh milk, yoghurt, cheese and craft beer the most.

    Each year we find we need fewer and fewer trips to the green grocer. Nothing like a gentle transition to a new way of life.

    You may even enjoy your time away from the stores.

  2. The wife and I have discussed this over the years but never seriously considered it. But now may be the time. It would be a good idea to learn to swim before you fall off the dock and the dock is definitely getting slippery. ---ken