Monday, June 28, 2021

Bastions of civic responsibility, I tell you

Video  2:00 run-time. 

Watch the civic-minded residents help the driver and trainee of the disabled truck deliver their packages.

Awww. What a feel good moment.

No wonder these areas have voting participation rates that approach and exceed 100%.

I bet Wendy remembers to lock the back doors next time...if she still has a job.


  1. And cue 'Remus ghost':
    Stay away from crowds. Cities are crowds written in large font.

  2. What a worthless bunch of humanity.

  3. Don't be too hard on Wendy. See the five bullet strikes on Wendy's windshield?

    1. Good catch. Looking at the size, I would assume baseball bat or hammer.


  4. Geez !!
    Did they put out the George Floyd Bat Signal to get everyone there so quick??

  5. Not a single Pink Skin in the mob of thieves.

  6. If I were Amazon I would start red-lining these areas, with a public announcement explaining why and this video as Exhibit A.

  7. Lovely. The joggers would've gotten my double-X jockey underpants, and a pack of 10 Nickle plated cleats. Maybe a pound of loose tea.

    They look like ants hitting a grasshopper carcass.

    What'll happen is no deliveries any more. Just like when they act out, the stores go away.

    We're hitting a point where the joggers will be abandoned. I read a piece on vdare that said they eventually will have to decide whether or not to join civilized society.

    When the bust hits, no one will help them. Guaranteed. Their EBT cards won't work, even if there were somewhere to use them.

    They really have no idea what's coming.