Tuesday, June 29, 2021

It is about the money, isn't it?

It is about the money. It is always about the money.

The preening, "look-it me" behaviors of celebrities and wannabe celebs.

Athletes, bottom-drawer athletes, shirt-tail royalty and the like.

Remember the dot-com bust? Wall Street got sucked into that one. They bought into the belief that "eyeballs" equaled increased revenue and profit.

A feeding frenzy resulted, abetted by the loose monetary practices that were unleashed to lubricate the economy over the rocks of y2k.

The clowns eventually learn that doing stupid stuff might get "eyeballs" but nobody wants to tie themselves to the idiot who burns down his house to get more views on social media.

The ho's of Babylon smear feces on their reputations for the thrill of fame. They know in their grinchy hearts that fame => fortune.

The best thing we can do is to not throw a single penny to what used to be known as the Olympics, professional sports or even NCAA sports.

They can posture and grandstand on their own dime. Let's see how long that lasts.


  1. The dot-com bust. Ha! I remember one of those companies in particular, based here in Phoenix, that exemplified that whole fiasco. A bunch of twenty-somethings with no idea about how anything works (least of all money) and no viable product. Nevertheless, tens of millions of investor money poured in. It all was pissed away on lavish living, fancy cars, expensive hotels, and frequent parties with endless bottles of Dom and Cristal. If anyone dared question the business model or product, you were told this is the 'new economy' and that "you just don't get it".

    And yet, those foolish twenty-somethings who knew nothing and yet thought they knew everything don't seem any more foolish than the bureaucrats and politicians who are currently running our government and our economy.

  2. Agreed! Know nothings commenting on things they have absolutely NO knowledge of is NOT endearing...

  3. My company made good money selling IT gear to Dot.Startups. We kept inventory so we could take an order on Wednesday and deliver that Saturday. List price, cash on the barrel head. We only had to get the Sheriff involved once to get our gear back when the buyer when belly up before paying us.

  4. Bosslady agreed with you. Said she'd buy you a beer at our AL Post if you ever find yourself in Brownstown. She rarely extends that offer so she was mightily impressed by your writing. And she was an English teacher and principal since 1969....


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