Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Fine Art Tuesday


Chipmunk in the Snow

Sallie Ellington Middleton born 1926 in Washington D.C., died 2009 in Chunn's Cove, North Carolina.

Notable for exquisite, Audubonesque portraits of wildlife. No subject was too humble to escape Sallie's attention.

Sallie appeared to be enchanted by butterflies.

Featured as a solute salute to The Freeholder who blogs and resides somewhere in the great State of North Carolina. He also has a Fine Art Tuesday feature.


  1. Mr. ERJ: "solute"? What's the solvent?

  2. (Mebbe some context would be useful...)

    "Featured as a solute to The Freeholder who resides somewhere in the great State of North Carolina."

  3. Why, thank you sir. Some beautiful works by an artist that I was unacquainted with.