Friday, June 18, 2021

Never trust a fart or the weather forecast


Arrow direction denotes direction of storm according to radar animation. Head of arrow is approximately on top of Eaton Rapids.

By the time you are in your sixties you have learned a few things. You learn to not trust farts, politicians's promises or the weather forecast.

The weather guessers predicted rain for Eaton Rapids as they have done many times this spring. Looking at the radar (and out our south window), the blind squirrel may have found an acorn this time.

It looks promising.


  1. We had drought conditions 2 years ago in the other Virginia, and we're just beginning to recover (if we can continue to see normal rain patterns).

    The next four days will be low pressure systems.

    Good luck.,42.046,-84.653,8,m:ePZadN3

  2. That's why we called them weatherguessers... sigh