Sunday, February 28, 2021

The newest members of the ERJ family



They are about 250 pounds each. The fellow who sold them to me had them on concentrate (grain) but they seemed to know what to do when the got on the pasture. I think it will take them a few weeks to a month to get their rumens stretched out. So that is how long I will continue to supplement with cracked corn.

They are Holstein/Herford crosses which are not CoyoteKen's favorite but they came as a package deal, delivered. I got a call at 8:00 last night and my friend's kid asked, "I heard you were looking for calves. Is that all talk or do you mean it?" The calves showed up at 11:45 this morning.

Two heifer calves and two steer calves.

Belladonna already named them. The biggest steer is "Brutus", the smaller one is "Ted" after Ted Danson who was pummeled for appearing in black-face once. This Ted balances the scales since he is in white-face.

The black heifer is "Lucie" because of her bowel habits and the ginger is "Millie". I can tell already that Millie is going to be my problem child.

The low for tomorrow night is projected to be 12 Fahrenheit. I plan to spread some straw on the ground as soon as they decide where they like to hang out. I might also move a couple of round bales of hay to provide a half-azz windbreak.


  1. Eaton Rapids Joe, cattle rancher. Sounds good to me. Good luck!

  2. Holstein have long legs and like to jump, "and the cow jumped over the moon", was written about a Holstein. Just saying the Holstein mixes either go to auction or the meat cutter quicker than other mixes. Chasing cows and fixing fences. I appreciate a good cattle dog for the roundup.

  3. That breed mix is definitely not my choice but some people like it fine. But some people eat Okra too. The biggest problem I see here is giving them names. The reason why I don't raise beef is because by the time they hit slaughter weight they are my pets and I can't kill and eat them and names makes it even harder. --ken

  4. Congratulations ! They look just like you...


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