Thursday, February 11, 2021

A few pictures from yesterday


A picture of a seed grown potato variety collected in 1963. Look like worms or intestines, don't they

Depending on what part of the world you are in, today's date can be written as 02112021 or 20211102. Converted from Base 3 into Base 10, they represent 5529 and 14937 respectively.

Genuine Pewter Replicas of the US Capitol Dome

Yesterday I cast some genuine, pewter replicas of the U.S. Capitol Dome. They are 11.5mm in diameter. This is what they looked like before they are coated with the patina-enhancing, beeswax based coating and installed in their genuine, brass pedestals.

A note to the photographers, the auto-focus on many cameras struggles with mono-color items like pewter castings. It is helpful to group them close together and to display them on printed material. That is usually considered bad form because it distracts from the subject but it is almost a necessity when displaying pewter items. Who knows, maybe your photograph will be so awesome it will be featured in a magazine somewhere!

Dog update

The training sled. The dogs balked at a larger load. One thing at a time.

A close-up of the label. I got this on sale. I think I paid $30 for it.


To commenter Pointing&amp:Laughing, we might only have another forty days of snow on the ground. Enlighten me about dog carts.

Random food pictures

Fusion cooking: Shish-kabobs marinated in Terri-yaki sauce.

Who said country hicks couldn't try knew things.


  1. Now that the days are getting longer, I'm getting fired up to start casting again. But dang, it's so cold in the garage, I don't think the lead will melt.

  2. I used to know some serious mushers (Yukon Quest finishers). Who trained lead dogs in the summer using an old fashioned single speed bike. You could use a mountain bike too and attach one of these kid bike carts and adapt io to carry the load. Of course said mushers used a four wheeler with the motor running for summer training with the team like eight or more dogs at a time, but that doesn’t help you any.


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