Sunday, February 28, 2021

Chinese Cabbage for Kimchi production

Kimchi is called Korean Penicillin. It is a cold-fermented product. Fall-crop Chinese Cabbage has almost twice the dissolved solids as spring-crop and (many say) makes better Kimchi that stores better than spring-crop.

All information provided by Maya Shiroyama in response to a question asking which varieties of Chinese Cabbage sold by Kitzawana Seeds are most suitable for Kimchi.

She advised that the following varieties be "trialed" since she cannot speak with authority regarding what will do best in Michigan. Typical timing for Chinese Cabbage in Michigan that is destined to become Kimchi is to plant seeds in flats the first week of July, transplant Aug 1. Fertilize and water heavily. Harvest before hard freezes.

"Bolting" means sending up flower stalks. Bolting is usually accompanied by bitter tastes and low yield.

Hwi Mo Ri Hybrid

Maturity 65-70 days. This hybrid variety is slow bolting and tolerates cold temperatures. It has wide adaptability to grow in various soil types. The cabbage heads have a solid cylindrical shape formation with yellow inner leaves and deep green outer leaves. Head size average 14" tall, 10-11" wide and weighs 3-3.5 lb. Excellent Chinese cabbage for kimchi pickling because it has a low water content. It has disease resistance to Virus.  LINK

Winter Crisp Hybrid


Maturity 90 days. Winter Crisp barrel heads have a weight of approximately 6.0 pounds and is an excellent variety for kimchi pickling. Head are dark green external color, bright yellow internal color. Excellent cold tolerance and good variety for winter harvesting. High resistance to Downy mildew and intermediate resistance to Club root. Link

Yuki Hybrid

Maturity 67 days. Yuki is a medium maturing variety. It has good uniformity and large head size with tolerance to Black Speck, tipburn and intermediate resistance to some races of Clubroot. Moderate bolting tolerance. Nice green exterior color. Link

China Gold Hybrid

Maturity 65 days. China Gold is a mid-early maturing variety excellent green external and yellow internal color. It has a compact frame, good weight and is very slow bolting. This variety is tolerant to tipburn and some clubroot races. Link

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