Saturday, February 27, 2021

Bob's Gun Shop in Hastings, Michigan

Mud Creek, upstream of Thornapple Lake. It is nice to see some open water


I was talking to Jim who is often behind the counter at Bob's Gun Shop where reloading components are sold.

Jim told me that I was in luck today. He sends out an order every four weeks and it had just arrived. There was a lot of magic dirt on the shelves including the slow-burning dirt I needed for Jack O'Conners' favorite.

Jim said they have been selling 150-to-200 pounds of the magic dirt a week. They charge about $10 a pound more than you can find on the internet but that is not a deal-breaker.

If you live within sixty miles of Hastings, Michigan and are looking for any special kind of magic dirt, call Bob's at 269 945 4106 and ask for Jim. He can tell you if it is in-stock. He is also very willing to share when he expects his next shipment to come in if you just want to browse.

It is also nice to see some bare ground. I took Zeus for a walk around the property and he shook-out five bunnies. They were all sunning themselves on snow-free ground.


  1. I bought my first shotgun at Bob's more than 20 years ago when I lived in Delton. Good shop, good people there.

  2. If I was closer, I'd make it a point to visit.

  3. Been to Bob's several times, but if you want magic dirt at decent prices, try Schanz's in Otsego. I think the brothers there are regional wholesalers that sell retail at decent prices. Personally, as a gun auction addict, my main source of dirt is the "back room" at local auctions.


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