Sunday, February 14, 2021

"Permissible" vs. "Should"

My progressive friend continues to send me an avalanche of "bad cop acquitted" articles.

In one of the dumps he quoted from the article

"...Gugino was violating curfew at the time, Flynn said Thursday, and “had no business approaching these police officers.” But the district attorney said he should not have been shoved. “He should have been arrested, grabbed and peacefully walked off the steps of city hall,” Flynn said. “But again, that didn’t happen.”..."

Note that the district attorney used the word "should" twice.

If you peel back the onion and keep asking the question "why", you might find out the word "should" has no legal standing.

If a police department issues regulations that claim a certain restraint hold "should not be used but is permissible under some circumstances, then the only thing the court sees is 'permissible'"

That paints the Progressive into a corner that they have a difficult time extricating themselves from.

It is an item of Progressive dogma that anybody can do anything. Any child can chose to be a brain surgeon if they choose to be, for instance.

That belief founders when it runs into jobs that sometimes require a high degree of physical strength. How can a 107 pound woman (5th%) expect to perform the job to the same standard as a 280 pound man (95th% )? (Anthropomorphic data from HERE)

Too harsh of a comparison? The 'standard issue' cop of my youth was a bigger-than-average man. So what if we go with a 75th% man at 220 pounds? 

Notice that I am not saying woman cannot be exemplary cops. Many women cops are sterling examples of law enforcement officers. But there are also women cops who totally suck at it and they cannot be fired. One local community tried and then was dinged for back-pay and had to reinstate the woman cop.

The Progressive tries to sit between two bar-stools with predictable results. "Yes, any woman can do any police job" and then they enable the less physically capable candidate by allowing (making permissible) choke-holds.

What did they think was going to happen when they told Officer 75th% Male cop to go three rounds with Billy-Badass and that he "should not" use riskier (for the perp) holds and management trains the female cops to quickly escalate to those holds?

75th% Male gets thrown back on street patrol when he returns from his injury. The woman gets an office job; perhaps as a detective or as a trauma counseling officer.

The body takes a pounding even when you "win" a fight. Why should a male cop (who on the whole are older than the women) take the beating?

Chauvin in Minnesota is going to walk. He "should not" have kneeled on George Floyd's neck because he had four officers present. But his department permitted that move.

One potential scenario is that Chauvin is acquitted. Cities burn. Biden takes the fall. Round-heel Harris steps in.



  1. "Chauvin in Minnesota is going to walk. He "should not" have kneeled on George Floyd's neck because he had four officers present. But his department permitted that move."

    100% agree.
    Along with the ME evidence of the fact that Floyd died of a drug overdose.

  2. While it was incredibly bad optics for Chauvin to kneel on his neck for minutes, not one but TWO autopsies confirmed that Floyd died of a fentanyl overdose. The autopsies also confirmed that there was NO damage to his windpipe or the ligatures in his neck.

    If the officers are to be faulted for anything, it would be for not realizing what was really happening with the perp. Had they put two and two together quickly enough, a timely Narcan shot might have saved Floyd's life. But since cops are not paramedics, and they are also not clairvoyant, their level of culpability for What happened is low.

    1. The blood level of Fentanyl that is lethal varies wildly by individual. Somebody who has been using Fentanyl can have eye-poppingly high levels before it is fatal.

      A study in New England (New Hampshire?) showed blood levels between 0.7ng/ml and 113ng/ml in deceased Fentanyl ODs.

      There is a lot of 'squish' in the lethal level. A level of 3.0ng/ml is a frequently cited level. Floyd's level was about four times that level.

      In order for the prosecutor to make a compelling case the Chauvin murdered Floyd, he would have to make the case that Floyd was a hardened abuser of Fentanyl. That is not a great way to build empathy for the victim.

      Cities gonna burn.

  3. Floyd died of Covid.
    All else is peripheral.

  4. AH YES, words truly DO have meanings. Even if it's NOT the ones the left want them to have!

  5. Chauvin walks on the facts. Cities burn. Chauvin convicted on civil rights charges. White people yawn, blacks don't care. Stir the rubble and burn it again.


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