Sunday, February 14, 2021

Pubic Service Announcement: PCP-laced weed marketed to minors in mid-Michigan

 I had a chance to talk with a substance abuse counselor today.

This is a woman who has callouses on her callouses.

She expressed concern about the up-tick she has seen in her ten-panel tests where positive cannabis panels (expected) also registered positive for benzos (Benzodiazepines, typically PCP or designer analogs) three days after start of detox. These are kids in their mid-teens in small-towns.

The minors swore that all they had done was "smoked a little weed", for what that is worth.

One counselor, one town, a handful of tests. Take it for what it is worth.

Michigan legalized recreational cannabis for adults over 21. Good luck keeping it out of the hands of minors.

One of the counselor's concerns is that benzols/PCP are considered "highly addictive" and with drawl symptoms are potentially fatal. This is not grand-pappy's Mary Jane.

The people who lace weed with PCP and other hard-core drugs should be shot.


  1. Seems unlikely anybody is going to go to the effort to purchase legal-channel cannabis (generally high-potency), and then turn it into a felony by lacing it with an illegal substance like PCP.

    A more likely explanation than diversion from legal recreational/medical distribution is that the teens are one of the few remaining markets for low-grade "ditch weed", and the dealers are enhancing their product with PCP for various reasons to make it more saleable.

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    1. This PSA is a lot like picking up a dubious fossil at the beach and trying to reconstruct a picture of the dinosaur that made it.

      "Seems unlikely anybody is going to go to the effort to purchase legal-channel cannabis (generally high-potency), and then turn it into a felony by lacing it with an illegal substance like PCP."

      I entirely agree. But it is likely that the grunt disposing of the waste from an "edibles" operation might see a way to turn the pomace or bagasse into a very profitable sideline.

      The legal pot industry with billions of dollars of investment at risk would not do it, but who is to say that every kilo of waste is decisively destroyed at the end of THEIR value-chain.

      The people in the best position to stomp on laced weed is the legal pot industry. They are no less ruthless than the robber-barons in the 1800s and have a lot to lose.

      From a legal/science standpoint, I was informed that it costs about $100 to run a DNA microsatellite test to determine the genetic footprint of a potato. I assume it would be similar for pot. That would narrow the source of the pot down to the clone.

      Nobody is doing that, yet. But knowing it can be done might incentivize the legal pot crowd to scratch around and apply some leverage before it becomes a general issue.

    2. I know dispensaries often sell clones to the general public, so narrowing the genetics down to a particular line of clones may not be all that useful to law enforcement.

      The sad thing is that with all the legal high-potency weed flowing around in the adult market, teens are STILL having to resort to buying from the kind of sketchy sources which would add something highly illegal to the product.

  2. PCP and benzodiazepines are two differient drug categories.
    Not to be picky but there is a huge differience in effects.

    1. I was working from memory. I may have mistaken one or the other (PCP or benzo).

      The withdrawl symptoms resembled a severe, intestinal flu with diarrhea, vomiting, cramps, and shakes/chills. Of course, it could have been the flu and the panels lighting up three days later a coincidence.

  3. Back in the late sixties and early seventies while my wife and I knew a girl who’s boyfriend sold her a PCP adulterated bag of pot. The girls in the dorm had to sit on her most of the night because she thought she could fly and tried to go out a third story window. We came back from summer break the next year to find that she had died from a fall. Another friend gave up pot after one drag on an adulterated blunt. I have it in the back of my head that the Japanese administered it to kamakazi piglets to help them to carry their mission through.

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