Monday, February 15, 2021

Odds and ends

This seems to be a time to move swiftly.

Ever since the tragic canoeing accident on the Wabash River, I have had little to reload for.

One person I ran into had a screaming need for H-110, Lil-Gun, A-9 or a powder of a similar burn rate. By chance the Gospel readings had been about "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you". One of my carefully hoarded pounds of Lil-Gun was sold to the new reloader for a whopping $30. Lil-Gun was the powder he REALLY wanted.

I also ran into somebody in the blog-o-sphere who seemed to be in need of 0.429" bullets. I haven't reloaded that caliber in twenty years. The last time I used one was to shoot a muzzle loader. A few bullets are going into the mail tomorrow and a bit more of my reloading bench will be visible.

I have a brother who is an accountant. He informed me that every square-foot of space I clear is worth $70. By sending the unused 0.429" bullets to the person who can use them, I cleared a half-square-foot of bench or "made" $35. And the person who receives them might think I am a decent person.

And so it goes. The winds are not blowing in my favor. The political party in power has been very clear. They want each round of ammo to have a unique identifier and to have each round registered. They want it to be illegal to transfer so much as a round of .22 Short without notifying the appropriate government agencies.

The only rational response is to move as much ammo, or the makings for such, before those rules kick in.

This is a good time to be generous.

Bottom heat

I finally bit the bullet. I bought some propagation mats.

A very large number of plant species root best at temperatures near 80F. Unfortunately, "in nature" the soil warms up more slowly than the air, the tops sprout before there are roots to support them.

I didn't know exactly what I was going to root, other than a few fig cuttings. Now, I have a list of quince cultivars, roses, Steiner Black Locust and a myriad of other things to try to root with hardwood cuttings.

I threatened Mrs ERJ with the possibility of my buying a water bed and mattress for the sole purpose of generating an 80F environment for rooting. It may prove to be more than an idle threat.


This weeks installments of Remnant were a blast to write. It is gratifying when your characters grab the keyboard and do the writing for you.

I also enjoyed writing this week's Fine Art Tuesday.


  1. Your attitude of mutual support in our reloading efforts is a noble one. Times such as these beg for some type of digital swap meet if you will. Unfortunately, that is outside my ability. However, in that spirit, I am in dire need of small pistol primers and have various powders to trade. How would the readership propose a person act on this need?

    1. Gotta be face to face. And do beat in mind that your state's laws may hinder a legal transaction.
      Not that I give a flying £¥¢{ what Caesar dictates... But I'd hate to see someone get caught in a sting operation.

    2. Sending some things by mail presents logistical difficulties.

      Both powder and primers require hazmat shipping. Fully reloaded ammo requires Ord shipping.

      One oddity is that cases with primers installed can be shipped by ordinary mail, to the best of my knowledge.

      So even if you found somebody willing to ship you primers it might be best if they were already installed in your case-of-choice.

  2. Passing gun control laws is NOT the same as enforcing gun control laws.
    NY and Conn both passed laws restricting firearms and high capacity magazines. The compliance rate was barely above zero percent... Just above zero percent compliance in two states with already tyrannical gun laws...
    Nah bruh... They ain't gonna get any traction for that action.

  3. I expect a flood of second amendment sanctuary states, and I expect to live in one of them.

  4. Seems to me there was a spreme court ruling detailing how every American ...MUST...INTERPRET...the constitution by his own self, individually, and be responsible for their decision.

    One interpretation might lead one to the conclusion that Sniffy Joe was not legally and lawfully elected to office. Joe can sign all the papers he wants to, that does not make those papers into law, in this interpretation. It makes them into papers signed by Joe, for conservation in the fake-president library.

    As convenient as electronic communications are, they are also in the hands of the snoops and spooks, they of the fake executive branch. So trading certain objects ought not be done electronically.

    So, in exercising the freedom to contract expressed in Article 1, section 10, I am fairly certain it ought to be done outside the realm of electronic communication.

    And I, like two dogs, expect to live in a state that completely protects me from intrusions by the fake-gov, or has seceeded from it.


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