Thursday, February 18, 2021

Is Antifa a paper-tiger?


Berkeley, California

I did multiple image searchs for this post and I found huge crowds of Antifa supporters.

The odd thing was that those huge crowds were not of demonstrations in the United States.

When I restricted the image search to demonstrations in the United States I found some high-impact images like the one shown above.

But does the image withstand close scrutiny?

Let us assume that the photographer was a good journalist in the sense that he/she/it was attempting to maximize the dramatic impact of the image. That is, they were not attempting to minimize the number of Antifa members.

Further, let's assume that the Antifa members are on the move and had strung out into a tadpole shape. Combining this with the first assumption leads us to believe that they captured the head of the tadpole, in all, about thirty Antifa demonstrators.

Now look in the background and let's estimate the ratio of gawkers to number of Antifa

To make this easy, I grayed-out regions to make a keystone shape that simulates the effect of perspective and I put yellow stars on the Antifa demonstrators. For those of you who labor under the handicap of common-core math, there are six stars.

Next, I put red boxes around blocks of approximately fifteen people. Four blocks of fifteen represents 60 people on one side of the marchers. 

For this static, frozen instant in time, there is a gawker/Antifa ratio between 10:1 and 20:1 depending on whether there is an equal crowd of gawkers on the side of the demonstrators where the person who snapped this image is. In the interest of being conservative, lets take the average...15:1 ratio between gawkers and demonstrators.

Furthermore, if Antifa is marching, there are likely gawkers lined up-and-down the street which suggest many multiples of that 15:1 ratio.

Another perspective

California is the most populous state in the United States with about 40,000,000 legal residents. Perhaps the very biggest Antifa demonstration had thirty-ish demonstrators turn up.

Small towns like Eaton Rapids (population 5000) have churches that sponsor co-ed softball teams. I believe that any two of those church teams, if flown to California with their normal softball gear could take the Antifa demonstrators shown above in 98-times-of-100 if it became physical.

That should tell you everything you need to know about how badly elected officials hung law-enforcement out to twist in the wind after betraying them with eviscerated rules-of-engagement and catch-and-release policies.


This guy doesn't seem over-awed by Antifa's physical presence.

The real question isn't Antifa's inability to project a presence outside of communities with a history of subsidizing untreated mental illness. The real question is "What should we be looking at? What does the media/political nexus NOT want us to be looking at?"

Caveats: Antifa much bigger in Europe as most of Europe realizes that Germany won WWII. It took them seventy years but they ended up winning.

BLM does appear to be a home-grown organization with the ability to generate massive, grass-roots support.


  1. It does not really matter if Anti-fa is forty dues-paying members, or a million. What DOES matter is that their friends have stolen our country. More precisely, stolen our representative republic.

  2. In practical terms, this tells me that Antifa, for all the scumbags they are, are years ahead of Joe Normie and his neighbors in terms of tactics, improvised weapons, PR, and 4GW combat experience. Until open season is declared on them, they are the effective guerrilla force in the US, not the conservatives with all of our firearms and ammo.

  3. In a binary world, you are correct sir.

    After rereading The Army of the Republic,(a fictional novel), the anti-capitalist demonstrators were a mixing pot of people. No "us-versus-them" binary model. Dozens of groups, from union members, tree huggers, canoeing groups, anarchists, ladies auxiliary, book clubs, and militias became "demonstrators". The violent among them frequently attacked the police, and the response injured many of the "innocent".

    After the media captured images of little old ladies maced and beaten, the normies turned against the police.

    Public opinion via the media had been shifted.

    So the ratio of 15:1 in a non-binary world doesn't necessarily lead one to the conclusion of Paper Tiger. It DOES lead one (that is , me) to follow Ol Remus' advice to avoid crowds.

    Death to Tyrants, whatever flavor they be.

  4. blm is not a home grown grass roots org. sure, it started out that way, and many affiliated with the group think it still is such. but it too has been co-opted by the left who use it as a front for their activities. massive fundraising machines, led by former terrorists, churn out the marketing full of buzzwords. the money goes to bigger but quieter lefty groups and politicians. the leaders found that the average black person has not so much taste for violence for violence sake, unlike the "teen" males which grows bored quickly and distracted by the looting ops. blm has largely become a fundraising scam via racial extortion.

  5. I would suggest you don't mistake the public face of Antifa, for Antifa as a whole. They have a hierarchy. They rely on street troops that pull their people from the homeless, the addictied, the mentally disturbed, the wannabe's. These are not formidable people, but they are loud, obnoxious, and in the front lines usually, harassing conservatives and other squares - and journalists.

    But Antifa also has rank discipline, and they have very well-trained and disciplined, fit, competent soldiers that specialize in more focused ops, where Antifa does not necessarily want to be recognized. They are the agents provocateurs such as those who were in the front phalanx at the Capitol on 6th January, clearing the path, erecting the ladders, and egging all the Trump supporters on. Their tactics are recognizable, and 'false flag' ops are an old trick to re-direct the energy of an otherwise peaceful crowd - as we have been seeing all summer and fall.

    And during those riots, the senior echelons of Antifa would be riding the outskirts of the protests in trucks and motorcycles, with radio contact to the groups in the melee, directing them were to go, and who to harass.

    1. not only, but they have highly trained intel operators that gave other highly trained operators the slip. my guess is the whole thing is a cia black op. i think there is a war, silent war, going on within the bowels of the intel/security complex. so far the bad guys are winning, but the white hats are learning, adapting, overcoming.


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