Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Flexibility, brass pedestals and sparking acorns


Judging from the comments, some of my readers also enjoy casting pewter replicas of historic buildings.

Lately, it has been difficult to find the brass pedestals for the castings. Or, if you have the brass pedestals you cannot find the sparking acorns that are fitted in the base.

Some sizes of pedestals come in the small sparking acorn size or the large size.

At the time of this writing, this company still has many of the brass pedestals shown above that use the small sparking acorn. If you use this kind of pedestal and if you have the small acorns in-stock but not the large ones, you might consider ordering some of their pedestals.


  1. Replies
    1. No sir, I do not and for much the same reason I do not downhill ski.

      I resent being beaten by 6 year-olds.

    2. Lol... I use a very effective strategy. I get a piece ahead by hook or by crook and then start trading pieces. As long as I get to the end a piece or two ahead I'll run my opponent into a corner for the coup de gras. Sometimes I only get a draw, usually when I only have bishops left. But rarely.
      It's a bloody and effective strategy. A lot of players like 'finesse, strategy and technique' but they're usually unprepared for a vicious bloodbath. It puts them back on their heels most of the time. Hehehe, old age and treachery are effective!

  2. CT is hell on self defense. They don't recognize out of state carry permits. The official CT policy is that guns are evil and socialism is good. No, I'm not talking out of my @&$. I lived just over the border in NY for 30 years. We frequently went to CT to a racetrack in the NW corner of the state.
    My son had an airsoft gun in his vehicle at the track. Another person stole it and shot someone with it (the teensy tiny little airsoft pellet...) And my son was charged with a felony. Include some political tyranny and LEOs and your setting will be very accurate.

  3. A pox on all the makers of brass pedestals that require small acorns.
    I use them only for matches and are considered Leverites.
    ( Leave theme right there)

  4. If you were around the corner I would entertain a trade of small acorns for large ones, as I am a bit oversupplied with the latter. But nowhere in Texas is around the corner from you.

    1. How far is nowhere from Tyler? And I've got some acorns but I'd like some of the soft pedestal filler. I don't need much. Shoot me an email. Name at Gmail.

  5. I've experimented with the various kinds of small acorns in the poodle brutalizer. Although the oaks (acorn producers) designate them as "hand" size, "magnificent hand" size and "shoulder" size, I found that all three provide the same results in my brutalizer. This is not surprising, considering that the pedestals are not very voluminous. By "same results", I mean that the tracks left by the fleeing historical buildings were approximately the same size. These were usually 5 buildings per track, and the tracks were left fifty yards away. My point is, if you are have a lot of the hand size and want to find someone to trade for the shoulder size to use in your poodle brutalizer, before you spend time looking for someone willing to trade, I recommend trying the hand size yourself. HTH


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