Sunday, February 7, 2021

Selfies and Self-esteem


Shamelessly stolen from Vern's Stories

Riding with The Kid, I commented "I don't know why you take so many selfies. We have been driving for 20 minutes and you have already taken four of them."

"The real question is, why DON'T you take selfies" The Kid retorted.

"Because God takes a selfie of me every millisecond, right down to the energy state of the electrons circling each atom" I respond.

"You know God is a myth" The Kid shot back.

"Whether God is just a myth or Truth cannot be proven. But what can be proven is that nobody is ever going to look at the 25,000 selfies you took this year" I replied. "You need to embrace the fact that you cannot get affirmation from other people."

"I prefer my delusion, if that is what it is, over your delusional thinking" I told The Kid.


  1. The taking of selfies, for anything other than a request from someone else for a photo, is a weird narcissistic act. I personally think it's a sign of a wider psychopathy among today's population.

    But of course, I fully support it being done by scantily clothed young ladies trying to become "famous" (or infamous). There's nothing like letting millions of strangers become intimately familiar with your sexual anatomy, and know that you are being used to fuel their sexual fantasies.

  2. I've taken a total of 3 selfies, all with a neutral background to send to my office for ID cards.

    I definitely wouldn't want to make a habit of taking selfies of my ugly mug.

  3. I make stupid selfies with idiotic grins and my hair looking like Alfalfa's hair and send them to my daughters. Fun times.


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