Saturday, February 27, 2021

Due Process Denied?


Michigan State Attorney General had  press conference announcing that a  prominent coach had been indited on 24 felonies involving human trafficing, sexual abuse of minors and so on.

Two hours later, the coach was found dead of gunshot wounds.

My first reaction was "Well, that saved the public a lot of money."

My second reaction was "Just like Epstein, we will never know who else was preying on these vulnerable, young women and their eager-for-glory parents."

What public good was served by the Attorney General's very public accusations. All I see is harm. No connecting the dots and bringing enablers and co-conspirators to justice. No certainty in the closure for the victims. 

No promise of trial-by-peers and purity-of-evidence. The AG convicted in a trial-by-TV camera. That could be any one of us deplorable, right-wingers with scary-facial-hair and camo clothing.


  1. One can only wonder WHY he was not in jail... sigh

  2. In order to bring this many felony indictments, the investigation was probably ongoing for the better part of a year or more. I would hazard a guess that this might not be the only action arising.

    But your take is the correct one; prosecutors are notoriously politically-ambitious camera hogs. It would have been better to have Coach spill his guts in order to cast the net even wider - as long as you're prepared to accept the plea deals that result.

    Pedophile 'Short Eyes' tend to do poorly in prison, as so many of the incarcerated were targets of child abuse themselves. It's draconian to say it, maybe, but sometimes that's where the justice takes place, if it's even possible for someone who plunders a child's innocence.

  3. But in at least one way, not like Epstein. This one killed himself.

  4. Most of the charges require a suspension of reason to believe.
    Human trafficking? Really?? REALLY ???

    Forced labor? Are you effing kidding me ???

    The only charge that seems even semi-legitimate is the one about 'unlawful penetration', which apparently means that he finger-banged one or several of them, as opposed to what Whoopi would characterize as rape-rape.

    It is telling that both the Attorney General and the Assistant Attorney General are both women. To them, an athletic coach diddling underage girls is a FAR more important crime to pursue in Michigan than Communists committing massive numbers of black letter felonies in the process of stealing an election.

    If I were that coach, I would have shot both of these women dead before I ever considered klling myself.

    1. George,
      Normally I would agree with you. I however, happen to kwow several of the afflicted, living in East Lansing, MI. I was going to give more details but erased because it doesn't need to be spoken of. I wanted the dude to be raped but I also fear God so....

  5. Chill, George Unfortunately for me I physically are one of the 'deplorable, right-wingers with scary-facial-hair and camo clothing' mentioned without a psychosexual kink like the 'coach'. All I can suggest is make dueling regulated and legal again. Quite sure one of the student-victims parental units would volunteer to face off against a malefactor. The deterrence value alone would be magnificent.
    A suggestion.

  6. I question EVERYTHING Dana Nessel does.


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