Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Will you leave if you lose?

Trump answered "Maybe."

This has a bunch of people's attention. They see it as proof that Trump plans a coup to illegally retain power and ignore the results of the election.

If that were true, why would he telegraph his intentions?

It is like the Biblical story of the two sons asked to work in the vineyard. One said "No" but changed his mind and went to the vineyard. The other said "Yes" but the never got around to going.

I think it is more likely that Trump is putting the Democrats "on notice" that fraud will have consequences.

Consider one of the Obama elections. There were precincts where 100% of the voters were recorded as voting for Obama. Even if every voter was actually for Obama, what are the odds of all of them being able to correctly punch the correct chad or fill in the correct circle with the pen?

And there were no consequences for the perpetrators. There were no investigations. There were no independent audits to verify the highly improbable results.

Let's play this out with words.

Let's say the election goes slightly in Trump's favor on election day and then over the next several days votes trickle in via mail and tip it toward Biden. Suppose the numbers of votes and the ratio of B-vs-T votes followed suspicious patterns.

Trump files in court. The court will order investigation because there is almost two-and-a-half months from Election day until the Inauguration.

Trump publicly informed the Democratic machine that any shenanigans are likely to be exposed to the light of day because he isn't going to roll-over and let them clear the table without a contest.


  1. Two data points of interest:

    1. Act Blue and the other funding mechanisms for the Democratic National Committee (the Party) are raking in cash by the millions, apparently with quite a lead over the Republican Party.

    2. All of Biden's public functions are limited to small numbers of people, highly scripted encounters with the camera, and a strict avoidance of crowds. Even at the scene of his public functions, there are often more Trump supporters there to give him grief, then there are Biden supporters. There are few commercials on television as well. One could say that Biden's visibility is so low key, it's invisible.

    If the DNC is not spending money on the public display of the candidate, then it begs the question: What are they spending all their money on? Maybe the Veritas video of the Ilhan Omar campaign, and reports out of Harris County, Tx is providing us with clues.....

  2. Hope. Springs. Eternal.

    Sometime, before the Wicked Virus Narrative was released on us, I recall there was a man named Durham who was investigating something, and ooh-boy those bad guys-they are in for it now. All the bad guys; long prison terms.

    And the result of all that "investigating" is, ummm-what?

    I will remind your younger readers, ERJ, that we are STILL WAITING to find out what the "official investigation" that had been sealed for fifty years, describing events of John F. Kennedy's asassination.

    Hope springs eternal.

    I don't hold much hope this will be resolved by inauguration day.

    Let's pray for a growth in faith, hope and charity. While developing our fifty year plan. Peace.

    1. Great point.

      Do you remember the 1440 indictments that were being prepared by a team of crack, investigative attorneys somewhere "out west"?

      In point of fact, the threat of legal entanglement puts a cost on the party engaged in the activity that is threatened.

      The scope of activity is reduced to minimize marginal and higher risk ventures. Record keeping is changed. More covert methods are chosen.

      All of those costs will reduce the number of votes that are harvested.

      Legal actions do not need to be executed for threats of legal action to change behaviors. The only requirement is that the people being threatened consider the threat to be "viable".

  3. I've always thought that Trump, in addition to Commander in Chief, was also Troll in Chief. I have this thought that he does these things to infuriate the opposition, causing them to make what I call "angry mistakes". I also think it's to misdirect their efforts down avenues where they aren't as harmful to whatever plan he's working on.

  4. Nahh....

    You miss the point. His response should be, Yes, dead stop.

    There is no other response. It is his duty.

    Instead, of protecting and enhancing the election process he has called it rigged before he even won. Since then there has been no effort to fix problems, like Russian interference, or prepare for covid disruptions on it. His response has been to sow discord and division about election integrity.

    Why? There are multiple reasons but a large one is his weakness. His narcissism is so extreme that failure terrifies him. Calling the election rigged or corrupt shifts blame from him and softens the blow to his ego. It can't be overstated how dangerous such a empty vessel can be in his position.


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