Thursday, September 24, 2020

In Lieu of content...PICTURES!


At a local business. Governor Big Retch says we have to wear face coverings. Incidentally, their Greek salads are very authentic.
Persimmons are starting to fall

This is one of Claypool's hybrids: I-115. It was delicious.

Sprite's cattle.

I couldn't decide which picture I liked better so you got both.

I moved the cattle to a new paddock today. They are happy girls and boys. The girl on the left is a very sleek, full-bodied lady isn't she?


  1. You guys & your black cows. I guess it provides for camo. at night. I prefer the Herefords my-own-self & used to have several before old age caught up with me & could no longer keep up with the fence mending in the age of the Emerald Ash Beetle.....limbs & trees falling faster than I could keep the fences I sold it all & quit. Like your column. Keep it up.

  2. I hate to admit it but I've never had a Persimmon. Would it be too weird to ask for a taste description?

    1. Start with apricot jam and then shave the fur off of it

      The bad ones are horrible.

      The really good ones are fabulous. Very aromatic, 30% sugar. I eat them like Concord grapes. I bite a hole in the skin and suck the pulp.

  3. I really liked the Irish Dexter's that I used to keep. Rich creamy milk and excellent beef. The girls were sweethearts, the calves adorable. We kept a bull for a couple years, but he spent too much time trying to get to the neighbors cows.

  4. Our persimmons and acorns are a long way off. But we're not gonna see many more 90F days this year. Pecans won't be too long.


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