Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Prostitution after the Sexual Revolution

Gentle readers, this post is 50% tongue-in-cheek. Please bear with me.

Before the sexual revolution, prostitution was not an honorable profession but plenty of honorable people looked the other way because they understood it filled a need.

In many cases, young men did not have the "prospects" to attract a wife or a girl-friend who desperately wanted to be upgraded to wife 1.0. Perhaps he was an immigrant and there were not that many eligible girls from Outer Elbownia in his town. Perhaps he was an itinerant worker and was just passing through and didn't have time to cultivate a "regular girl-friend" and yet he had certain biological urges that refused to be ignored.

Prostitution solved those problems. The itinerant worker didn't spread any pollen on any local girls and diminish their chances of making a good marriage, and so on and so forth.

After the sexual revolution, any man who had most of his teeth and bathed, wasn't 120 pounds overweight, was willing to buy an unreasonable number of drinks at the local watering-hole and wasn't too fussy about the age and beauty of who he went to bed with...well, he had no need for the local prostitute.

That was a hole-beneath-the-waterline for the prostitution industry.

The johns who were left were hygiene-challenged, super-fussy or had kinks that left scar tissue.

The vibe around prostitutes is very, very negative.


The internet and smartphones had the same effect on journalism that oral contraceptives had on prostitution.

Journalists used to be respected. They had a role in the scheme of things.

Now, journalists are the shills for those who are nasty-minded (analog of the hygiene-challenged) or trophy-pets-of-billionaires or get a shitty paycheck by providing oral gratification to sadistic Marxists.

I have some folks who send me essays by professional journalists. With very few exceptions, I toss them into the trash. I would much rather read what THEY think than what desperate, marginalized "professional" journalists have written.


  1. When and if the new civil war starts, no one will be hunting down and shooting the prostitutes...

    1. Bravo! I applaud that you are focusing on the positives. Sometimes the loudest shout is what you DON'T say.

    2. I am just a "glass half full kind of guy.

  2. Prostitutes have a higher social standing than journalists, and you are more likely to believe them.

  3. Do you like it when people send you funny things? ---ken

    1. I do like it when people send me funny things.

      If I want to read a plodding, ponderous 800 word essay I read my own blog. ;-)

  4. Interesting points. It is hard to compete with free, especially when it gives you a confidence boost too.

    In Germany, several years ago they liberalized sex work laws - soon the complaint was that too much competition had lowered prices to the point where the low prices made it hard to provide safe service...


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