Thursday, September 3, 2020

Roller vane pumps



Mr B suggested in comments that a roller vane pump would have lower friction losses than an internal gear pump. Mr B blogs at In the Middle of the Right.

The attached video shows how a roller pump works. Frankly, it would also be easier to fabricate since the the internal dimensions are not as tightly spec-ed as the internal gear pump.

The pump in the video is extra-fancy because it has two intakes and two discharge zones. 


Simply placing the rotating element that carries the rollers eccentrically in a round section would result in one-and-one.


  1. Maybe a low tech DIY peristaltic pump would work?

  2. I was actually thinking about the pump being a true sliding vane pump.

    Having said that, at low speeds like you are talking about, I'm not entirely sure that the differences matter that much.