Monday, September 14, 2020

A few notes about the Home-field advantage story

It is fiction.

Parts of it look autobiographical because the stories that are most compelling are the stories we tell about the about things we are intimately familiar with. I have never been to Portland or Seattle. Unfortunately, it looks like the events happening there will be coming to a town near you in the near future.

But the story is fiction.

Some of the characters are inspired by people close to me. I took all of their good qualities and then had to add a few bad ones to make them seem more real.

Distances are approximate so the my various "inspirations" are not doxxed.

Clearly, the events that are described in this fiction do not need to happen.


  1. Those events "do not need to happen" but it sure looks like you are looking clearly ahead. --ken

  2. If your imagined story starts to become true, GET OUT OF THERE with your family ! The 'village' (official jargon) where I live is 20 miles from the nearest SMALL town, which is 65 miles away from the nearest SMALL city. There are no roads which go directly from the small city to where I live. It seems that you are TOO CLOSE to potential trouble, Joe. Watch out and be ready to GET OUT.
    My responsibility is not to fight the bad guys. Not yet. It is to protect my family. Same as your job.

    1. Of course my comment was mainly directed at mmmmy fellow readers. I was forgetting momentarily that Joe has actual maps of his AO and actual scenarios plotted out not only for defense but for offense. He has probably wargamed this and other scenarios as would the Pentagon. Don't worry about Joe and his family. They will be OK.

  3. P.S.- THIS is BAD !


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