Thursday, September 3, 2020

Carpet shampooing day

Crystal clear skies today. A great day to clean the rug.

We dragged the 12' square area-rug out of the living room and flipped it over two picnic tables.

Then we shampooed the heck out of it.

Now it is drying and I am whipped.

For my future reference, Sprite's cattle came over to our pasture Monday.


  1. Use a pressure washer next time. It works great oncar floor mats and anything you can drag outside. The best way is to put it on a sloped concrete surface to allow the mud and dirt to flow away. After hang it on a rod, fence or ladder and allow the ends to drop. The water will flow out more quickly with the ends vertical, then the air will dry it more quickly. Stay away from things that will rust while it dries.

    1. Using a pressure washer was the plan. I ran into problems after installing the soap dispenser. The unit stopped working. I had power. I unplugged and drained the system and the pump fired and then stopped.

      Still no joy.

      Then I was not able to wrestle the soap dispenser unit off the wand to reinstall the original sprayer end. I assumed the orifice on the dispenser was plugged.

      Since the day with the crystal-blue-sky was slowly slipping away, I switched to Plan B.

      I wholeheartedly agree, the pressure washer would have been better.


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