Friday, September 18, 2020

BLM and Antifa are vaporware

Imagine a software company that is bidding for an enormous contract.

The sales-force crafts their pitch to appeal to the customer. The words are honed. More features are promised.

Faster, sleeker, secure, thoroughly tested.

The software company's offering makes it to the final cut. There is only one other competitor.

The company's stock is on fire. Everybody wants to own Acme Software stock.

The lead sales-person turns to the CEO and says, "Maybe it is time to hire a couple of engineers and that coder in Novosibirsk."

Frequent commenter John (and author of the blog Wilder, Wealthy and Wise) speculates that BLM demands are deliberately impossible because they want a fight. That assumes that they are intelligent enough to think about the future in a concrete way.

I posit that they are idiots who think they can figure it out on the fly. Because they haven't ever dealt with anything more complicated than opening a package of cigarettes, they assume that they can figure it out AFTER they get power.

Just like the sales-people getting the contract and then throwing the specifications over the wall to the technical people.

Beware, beware,

BLM is vaporware.

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  1. I think you are both right. They make demands that are impossible, and probably know it, and know that we will always compromise, or more accurately surrender whether it be physical confrontation, or social or economic or legal, and they will get some or all of what they ask for every time. And then we will figure out how to make it work for them because they are unable to. So they will win every time and they know it. ---ken


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