Thursday, September 10, 2020

Thank-yous, Fiction, Trapezius muscles and Pastures

A huge thank-you to R. Sample for the awesome review on Amazon.

And a belated thank-you to G. Page.

Amazon uses reviews, both the numbers and the ratings to decide who to expose the book to. Books without reviews don't sell.


A new, very-short series will start Monday.

I am of two minds about the piece. It is dark to the point of disturbing, but perhaps that is simply a reflection of the times we are entering.

I was inspired by a piece written by the author of Mostly Cajun, an incredibly gifted writer. His piece is similar to the ones found HERE.

After reading his piece I decided I had to give it a whack.

For what it is worth, it is currently scheduled to post in six installments, Monday-through-Saturday at the usual 12:30 AM.


I pulled something trying to keep up with Belladonna lifting weights. I was dead-lifting.

The area circled in green is where the pain was; right off the point of my left shoulder-blade and inward.

I called the best nephew in the entire Universe. Kevin knows about these kinds of things. He recommended that I try this stretch for a couple of days. He cautioned that if there were sharp pains to STOP and go see a doctor.

43 second run-time

One of my other super-secret sources suggested doing this stretch but rather than locking my fingers together to press my palms together while doing it. He claimed that the motion of pressing my palms together guarantees that the traps will be relaxing while getting stretched.

It was like magic. Pain gone. Full night's sleep.

It is good to have super-secret sources and great nephews.

I went out for a short run today. I knocked out 3.5 miles and it helped loosen up the shoulder. I am feeling pretty good about life right now.

Cattle and paddocks

Tuesday morning I moved the cattle from the first paddock after seven full days of grazing.

I estimated that the new paddock had three days worth of grazing.

I walked the new paddock last night. There is WAY more grass in the paddock than I realized.

The grass in the first paddock was taller and looked like more grass but I might get six full days out of the second paddock at the rate they are eating it.

I make mistakes all the time. I was delighted to find that there is more grass there than I originally estimated.


  1. Excellent, I was getting the DT's missing out on some fiction.



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