Thursday, September 17, 2020

The sanest thing you will read about BLM this week

 From frequent commenter RBD

I read the demands of BLM and I shake my head. Not because they are ludicrous or that there aren't real injustices perpetrated by society over time to blacks. I shake my head because BLM has an opportunity to make change happen. BLM is going to squander this opportunity with violence and silly demands that have no way of being fulfilled and no acknowledgment that things have to change in that community, along with societal change. Another year will pass and nothing meaningful will have come from all this chaos.

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  1. Point of order . . . the demands show that they aren't serious. They don't want a win. They want a fight. A constant fight.

    Of course they're not serious. Unarmed black people killed by police number about 10 a year? More black people die by slips, trips, and falls.

    If they focused on a problem that could be solved, they might accidentally solve it.


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