Saturday, September 12, 2020


Words evolve and morph.

Sometimes common usage stretches the word beyond a point where the word is no longer serviceable. I propose that the word "cynic" and "cynical" passed that point.

In common usage, the word cynical implies a healthy skepticism for another's motives particularly when the other claims to be altruistic. Example in a sentence "The Clinton Foundation wants to give us a Grant in exchange for putting one of their people on our Board of Directors. Maybe I am too cynical, but I think their director will be toxic to our mission."

That kind of cynicism is healthy because it serves as a system of checks and balances. It is a way of viewing events from another perspective and lends a sense of depth-perception. It is like viewing the backdrop at a play from a couple of different angles. It becomes clear that it is a two-dimensional simulation rather than a three-dimensional reality.

There is another kind of cynicism raising its head. It is not a healthy kind of cynicism. It is über-cynicism.


Über-Cynics believe that the overwhelmingly vast majority of people are inherently evil and only motivated by person gain.

Their mythos is not a universe where God-and-Satan are engaged in a cosmic and eternal struggle. That would be the Lion and the Hyena meeting at the kill.

Their mythos is universe where multiple Satans are engaged in eternal struggle. That would be a pack of Hyenas eternally trying to hamstring the others for first crack at a choice morsel.

What is in it for the Über-Cynic?

It is a cheap way for them to feel worldly and sophisticated. Imagine a sophomore in college in a late night bull-session: What else can they bring to the discussion?

It justifies underhanded behaviors. If everybody and every organization is evil, then the only way to survive is for the little-guy to be even more evil and devious.

It justifies envy. Über-Cynics flattened their minds into one-dimensional entity on the forge of envy. Since altruism and cooperative efforts are fictions in their universe, the only way for somebody to get ahead is by illicit means. Therefore, everything people own was obtained by some form of coercion and they have no legitimate right to that property.

Yeah, I think it is time to create a new term: Über-Cynics

It is not a good look.


  1. You nailed it joe. They don't like anything about me and their only option is to join their system leaving mine behind. I'll stick with Aslan.

  2. The stupid is strong with them, and the beat down is going to be EPIC!


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