Monday, September 21, 2020

Home-field advantage: Map, overview



  • Gray rectangles/squares are parking lots.
  • White areas with thick, green outlines are demolished factories that are surrounded by 6' tall, grass covered berms. Inside the berms are concrete slab.
  • Pale green areas are parks.
  • The high school and the churches represented by icons.
  • Hall-of-Justice represented by scales.
  • Targets for rioting outlined in RED
  • Names of roads are underlined.
  • "H" is Harry's Place on Verlinden where the story started
  • Rail spur shown by dashed, double-line. It defines western city limit. Up to five tracks in parts of the spur
  • Both Mom's Neighborhood and Vince's Neighborhood contain about 200 people.
  • A scale-marker is buried between Mom's Neighborhood and Vince's.
  • Marie lives north of this map.



  1. As I recall, in the first Mad Max movie, the combination police station and judicial center was also called the Halls of Justice. Perhaps it is no longer all that far fetched that a city, or for that matter a country could descend from anarchy to full dystopia in a span of just a few years.

  2. I haven'r ead it yet, but I really appreciate the little icons. I especially like the "Clock tower" included in the courthouse. Great illustrations !

  3. Heh - when I was growing up I lived in the neighborhood just north and west of your map. I'm putting names to all the landmarks in my head, except the dime store. Can't remember that one, but that's a little farther east than I would normally go as a kid.


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