Saturday, September 26, 2020


Sadly, these times have harshed the mellow of the people who drive vehicles like this one.

I have a solution:

They just need a different Coexist sticker to paste on the back of their Prius!

You know me, Mr. Helpful!


  1. Back in the day when these type of rolling billboards for left, liberal causes were more plentiful I used to carry extra NRA bumper stickers and I would peel and stick one on and sometimes I would have GOP stickers and do the same... I know I was a naughty, nasty boy.

  2. Just like the stripes on a skunk, a warning. Thank goodness the crazies like to announce themselves.

    Re Coexist stickers: I prefer the one where all the other letters are cringing away from the Islamic crescent holding a gun on them.

  3. So many people to troll with that... I've got to plaigerize that so I can provoke liberals!

  4. I provoke the liberals with NASCAR racing stickers on my truck...that's right- number 14 and number 88. Tony Stewart and Dale Earnhart junior.

  5. Have you seen the "COEXIST" sticker, wherein each letter is made of different firearms?

    1. Yes, I have.

      Those are excellent.

      I wonder how long it would take for somebody to notice if I pasted one of those over their current coexist sticker. Just know?


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