Tuesday, September 15, 2020

What does BLM stand for?


Image from M4BL website. Fair use cited

Everybody is familiar with their "wedge" issue: Cops killing un-armed, Black men. That is the issue that gets the camel's nose beneath the tent-flap.

BLM has a much broader agenda, one that they discuss to recruits but not so much to the general, voting public.

Because I appreciate how controlling the narrative shapes thoughts, I choose to start my analysis in the middle-of-the-wheel with Economic Justice. Money talks.

I am not going to repost the entire list of demands but will cherry-pick my way through them. And rather than numb your mind by covering all of them in one-go, I will tackle one set of "positions" a day.

Vision for Black Lives 2020: Economic  Justice

"A progressive restructuring of tax codes at the local, state, and federal levels to ensure a radical and sustainable redistribution of wealth."

They come right out and say it: Reparations will never end. That is what "sustainable" means, it goes on forever. 

Bear in mind that these demands stack. They are joined with the implied word "AND"

"Federal and state job programs that specifically target the most economically marginalized Black people, and compensation for those involved in the care economy. Job programs must provide a living wage"

As inflation kicks in, the "living wage" will be a moving target. Recipients of those programs will keep up. Tax payers will not.

"A right to restored land, clean air, clean water and housing and an end to the exploitative privatization of natural resources..."
It reads like apple-pie and motherhood until you realize they tucked a demand for new housing into the list.

"The right for workers to organize in public and private sectors especially in “On Demand Economy” jobs."

Good-bye Uber, Lyft and pizza delivery. Who will that hurt most?

"...allow for the continuation and creation of black banks, small and community development credit unions, insurance companies and other financial institutions."
There is nothing stopping the creation of black banks, insurance companies and so-on. The continuation of them is a different issue. Banks and insurance companies survive by diluting risk. Some loans or policies will lose money. The banks and insurance companies make a profit by having many more loans and policies that produce net profits. Without gross profits, there are no funds to continue the business.

If too high of a percentage of customers do not feel obliged to repay loans when it is inconvenient, or if too many of your customers live in areas with high claim-rates, then the bank or insurance company runs out of funds and has to fold the business.

Reading between the lines, this demand is that the Federal government backstop the losses of black banks and insurance companies so they can keep giving money to people who have no intention of paying it back.

"An end to the Trans-Pacific Partnership and a renegotiation of all trade agreements to prioritize the interests of workers and communities."

It doesn't matter what it costs to make something when somebody else is paying for it. Or, when you have no intention of paying anything.

"Through tax incentives, loans and other government directed resources, support the development of cooperative or social economy networks to help facilitate trade across and in Black communities globally."
Interesting term "...other government directed resources". By process of elimination, most of us currently think of "other government directed resources" as "our private property". BLM demands that the government, either by regulation or confiscation subsidize the exporting of BLM Marxism to all countries with a population of black people.

"Financial support of Black alternative institutions including policy that subsidizes and offers low-interest, interest-free or federally guaranteed low-interest loans..."

Look! They came right out and said it. More money give-aways.

"Protections for workers in industries that are not appropriately regulated including domestic workers, farm workers, and tipped workers, and for workers — many of whom are Black women and incarcerated people— who have been exploited and remain unprotected."
Dare we suggest that "sex workers" falls under this definition? 


One of the things I hope to point out in this series of essays is that the goals of B4ML are mutually incompatible. How are you going to give everybody enough money so they can live without working...and have anybody working to provide the necessities of life?

These demands are either the scribblings of a precocious seventh-grader or intentionally misleading. But make no mistake, they want what you have.

They are Marxists to the bone.


  1. The core issue is simple.
    The entire world has a right to the achievements of White men.

  2. BLM stands for Burn, Loot and Murder.

    All their demands raised for "economic justice" can be simply filed under the Loot category.

  3. "end to the exploitative privatization of natural resources..."

    Sure sounds like government take over of natural resources (oil, gas, water, land, timber, ... where might the limit if any be?).
    IE, socialism.


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