Friday, September 25, 2020

Yard sign

 I frequently pass a yard sign that reads


He ain't great, 

but at least he is not Trump

That is the same logic that contends that James Posey was twice the basketball player Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was because Posey had half as many fouls during his NBA career.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar played hard and did not back down. Any team in the NBA would have given about anything to have him on their team. Abdul-Jabbar's 4657 career fouls didn't detract from his stellar career. It was a symptom of it.

Five of the seven top foul generators in the NBA (Jabbar, Malone, Parrish, Olajuwan, Hayes) are in the Hall-of-Fame. Something to think about


  1. ...Except that Biden has more fouls in his career than almost any other politician...

  2. It's kind of a sad commentary on so many Americans that place cosmetic over function. Trump may not be a "pretty" politician, but he's actually fulfilling many of his promises and obviously working hard on the rest.

    Patton wasn't a "pretty" general and made plenty of publicity faux pas, but he was the guy you wanted fighting for you.

  3. Trump is THE best president Ive seen. Im 65. NOT being TRump is exactly why Biden shouldnt be elected,, because that POS has been in DC over FORTY FRIKKEN YEARS,, and TRump has been there 4,, But,, Its all TRUMPS Fault? Fukkoff,,

  4. I'm seeing an alarming number of Biden signs in my Central Texas suburban 'hood. Alarming as in 5 Biden vs. 15 Trump vs. 100 no sign. This should be a Democrat free area. We'll see. Marking the location of Biden signs for future action if necessary.


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