Friday, September 4, 2020

Where are the G-men?


During the Battle of Britain, Winston Churchill was presented with a dilemma. The Allies had capture an Enigma machine which allowed them to break the NAZI coded messages.

One of the intercepted messages indicated that a particular area in England was to be targeted for bombing.

Churchill could have directed the air force to defend that area but there was a risk, not even a certainty, that the NAZI would figure out that there code had been broken and then change them.

Churchill did nothing. The neighborhoods were bombed. People died. The NAZI never suspected that their codes were compromised.

Flash-forward 75 years...

Domestic terrorists are burning down some of America's greatest cities.

Where are the G-men?

After 9/11, the Patriot act made it impossible for me to cash checks through ATMs that were not owned by my bank. The reason given for those changes was that terrorism runs on money and the restrictions were required to choke off the flow of money.

Most funds move electronically. Hotel bills, leased buses, paychecks. I thought the Feds had vast, over-arching powers to review financial transactions. 

Where are the G-men?

A thirteen-year-old boy could hack his way in and follow these bozos.

Where are the G-men?

The rioters are crossing state-lines to commit mayhem.

Where are the G-men?

When Antifa operatives are scooped up and interviewed they squeal like pigs. They are play-acting-revolutionaries,  not hard-core, committed revolutionaries.

Where are the G-men?

Cops in hick-towns know how to execute asset forfeiture. Surely the FBI, US Marshals and a half-dozen other federal agencies can figure it out. Money is the life-blood of these evil-doers. 

If a personal vehicle was used to transport the rioter from Illinois-to-Wisconsin (for instance) then impounding the vehicle while the wheels of the law ground away seems reasonable.

I am not proposing that the Feds step outside the law, just that they aggressively use the tools that are legally available to them.

The Americans in our great cities don't deserve what is happening to them.

Are they pulling a Churchill or are they truly feckless? If they are pulling a Churchill, then whose hands are on the choke-chains?


  1. We just saw the US Marshalls deputize the Oregon State Police. We are seeing the US Marshalls arresting the Antifa foot soldiers on Federal charges for assaulting deputized OSP. All this was done quietly, and we didn't see it at all until things were well underway.

    What we are not seeing is the arrestees squealing on their paymasters, and the Feds getting evidence of crimes and racketeering and conspiracy by the paymasters, who will in their turn be arrested and begin to squeal. We didn't see the deputizing either, until it was too late for the foot soldiers.

    I surely wouldn't rule out patient, Churchillian evidence gathering. We know who's evil, but if Trump wants to criminal trials rather than summary executions, we have to have evidence.

  2. The Female Body Inspectors are hiding in their offices, plotting how they can sabotage President Donald Trump. Sure, a few of the older employees remember how to do law enforcement, the ones who are holding on until they can suck up a fat pension. But the culture turned rotten decades ago due to political corruption and settled into the quicksand and muck of a chickenshit existence made permanent by the moldy walls of bureaucracy that imprison them. During Hoover's day the FBI was chasing commies, rightfully so, while ignoring the mafia. Now they ARE the commies, doing illegal errands for their political benefactors. The FBI has never been the respectable law enforcement body depicted in The Untouchables. It has always been more like
    Stalin's secret police or the East German Stazi relying on informers, crooked infiltrators, and illegal surveillance to obtain convictions. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

  3. Personally, I think they are complicit in the undercutting of the administration. They don't WANT to catch the perps.

  4. OldNFO, that's probably why we see the US Marshalls leading the charge.

  5. FBI focuses on white collar crimes, safely away from danger. They will be busy stringing the money trail together that leads up the food chain to the nitwit billionaires Trump referred to a few days ago.

    The US Marshals are the hairy-backed ones who chase bad guys actively, and they are deputizing local LEOs like crazy now, a brilliant move IMO. Trump's adversaries have been wanting to force Trump's hand at declaring the Insurrection Act, which would allow Trump to send the military. But that's terrible optics. 'Fascist!!' Trump has kept the violence parked in each and every city, forcing Democratic leadership to pander to its base, while the rest of the city / state stews in their fury.

    They own it, and as much as they have wanted to escalate their way into making it Trump's fault, they have failed to consider what would happen if Trump did not take the bait. Now he has deputized everything in sight and will deal with it efficiently, out of their meddling hands and without using troops. He has left them all to blame for their own mess.

  6. i'm sorry , but we won't see justice until good men stand up and say we will take no more. Until then the abuse will continue. We are all complicit. Myself included first.

    1. You (and I) may get our chances. I am not looking forward to it either. I dread it in fact. But if ever there was a time when the Tree of Liberty must be refreshed with the blood of tyrants and patriots, it is NOW.
      Unless our President gets busy prosecuting treason and restoring the rule of law, that is. It is almost too late.

  7. Wow, if you are waiting for the feds to solve your local problems, you are one effed-up ombre. When did the feds EVER solve a local problem for you?

    The "Patriot" Act? Really great stuff, if you desire to be bagged, tagged and wake up on The Midnight Express in Turkey or something.

    Guar-aun-teed the solution does not come from some federal agency. The tyrants must be made to go underground. Preferably six feet under.

    1. You and I solved most of our problems when we moved out of "the city" decades ago.

      Yes, it is ironic that I am asking those questions. You raise valid concerns. The Gubermint nevah gives any power back.

      But I am not asking for them to set a precedent, just to apply their hand equally.

      So, what are your options if you live in Portland, Seattle, in the immediate vicinity of NYC? The best option is to have the Feds do their job when the mayors and governors shirk theirs.

    2. Having just read some more about the Battle of Athens, I am refreshed to say that the people of those great cities have options, Joe. The conditions for a Christian just war have been met there.

      Recall from Athens, Tennessee that two of the biggest tyrants escaped the county. Recall that they and their mongrel hordes are all...EVIL.

      Recall how the Jews in Warsaw, Poland used five low quality revolvers to turn the German war machine inside out back in the 1940's.

      Then recall Waco, Texas. How many G-Men did it take to burn down the whole village?

      With all this recollection, it would seem that those poor big city dwellers ought to gather, with flame-throwing tank, announce "THIS IS NOT AN ASSAULT!!!" ;
      light the tyrants home on fire, and shoot every last one of the roaches that run out of the flames.

      Oh, and bulldoze the place as soon as the flames die down. Peace, brother.

  8. p.s. Michael Rhinehole did not kill himself.

  9. "The Americans in our great cities don't deserve what is happening to them."

    Looking at who they vote for, you are wrong.
    They deserve to get it good and hard.


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