Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Dogs, fences and a heart-warming email

The floor footprint is 48" square and it stands over 6' tall. I wonder how many people with nefarious intent go elsewhere based on the size of the dog-house? The face-plate is attached with screws to facilitate cleaning.

I got the second German Shepherd bathed and the inside of their house pressure-washed.

Herc is the senior partner and has a very dense inner-coat. He does not dry off very quickly.

I got a quarter of the pasture perimeter fence re-wired with smooth. Barbed wire is not fun stuff to work with. It work to cut it into 150' lengths and coil it. That was manageable.

I also picked up some boxes at the local grocery store. I need to pick the Liberty apples this week.

Finally, I got an email from a gentleman who grew up in Michigan, followed a job "out West". Married a local girl.

Then, just a few years ago, his wife said, "Let's leave. It is getting too crazy here."

I am not sure he realizes what a great wife he has. She was able to look at her beliefs and her home-town and see the new reality. That is a rare gift.

It takes a big person to look at their beliefs and acknowledge that what they held to be a foundational truth isn't...or perhaps more precisely, isn't true today.


  1. A few evenings ago I was sitting on the front porch having a beer after a day of making wood and a car with Alaska plates pulled up. The woman asked directions to a local blueberry farm. She said that my house "looked like a safe place to ask for directions". She told me that they were from the Copper Country originally and had moved to Alaska long ago but didn't feel safe there anymore and were coming back. Go figure.---ken

    1. Walking into TSC this morning, there was a car with Texas plates in the parking lot.

      The woman was wearing a parka.

      The temperature was in the upper fifties.

      I was wearing shorts and a tee-shirt.

  2. I keep wishing Mrs. Freeholder would understand why so many of my Scotch and Irish ancestors went into the Appalachian Mountains a couple hundred years ago. No luck so far.


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