Saturday, September 5, 2020

Two steps ahead of where you THINK your enemy is

There is an essay titled Antifa Reality Check that is burning up the internet right now.

Three men, any one of whom is 20 times the fighter I am, went to an Antifa riot and got out-maneuvered and had their asses handed to them. They exhibited excellent fire control and things could have been much, much worse.

Reading the essay, your first conclusion might be "Oh, they failed to have somebody on over-watch" and think you have a handle what needs to happen "next time".

Do you think that an enemy who had the foresight to bring strobe lights and other distractions would fail to have over-watch? Who do you think will be waiting for you on that roof when you decide to play roof-top Korean.

They are waiting for you. They are planning on you showing up.

So, if you decide your really, really, really must attend a party that is not on your home turf, maybe you should visit the over-watch position(s) and put up some wireless surveillance devices. Or, maybe you install some distractions of your own on those over-watch positions.

There are only so many Antifa/BLM targets with tactical value. They can only hit one, maybe two a night. Eventually, they will get to the one you select.

What kinds of distractions? The best choice is to disrupt their command-and-control equipment. There are other, nastier ways to distract people by disrupting the environment but I will leave that to you to figure out.

The conundrum, however, is that the team you disable might be some of the good-guys.

Everything written here is for entertainment purposes.


  1. Best option is do not engage the enemy on their ground. Stay away from the "protests". Protect your home and family. Let the commie scum burn down the blue cities, they voted for it and deserve to get it good and hard, to paraphrase Mencken. If you are a Patriot behind enemy lines, get out. Before it's too late.

  2. SAFC - Stay away from crowds. Thanks for the post Joe. This is a good time to read, brief, learn... and plan.

    The American Revolution was won by farmers fighting guerilla-style against British firing-line tactics. Hit-and-run works in many different settings, especially for the well-prepared. I knew that Antifa was well financed, well-supported logistically, armed, and semi-trained. I did not know how well-developed their forward line point defenses were.

  3. Also remember the local governments are on the side of the rioters. You WILL go to jail if there is a conflict and the commie scum will walk. I note the "Medic" shot by Mr.Rittenhouse has yet to be charged for being a felon in possession. When the rules have changed and the game is rigged against you, DO NOT PLAY THE GAME.

  4. Yes- stay away from crowds as 'Ol Remus told us.. It doesn't pay to attack them in their element. The better target would theoretically be not the scum in the street, rather it would be every commie of every type in society- from A to Z. From small towns to blue cities, big government types and left-wing sympathizers abound. Sort of a target-rich environment. Pick them off one at a time, theoretically speaking.
    This post is for entertainment purposes only.

    1. J-Dog and Aggie: Antifa had more than three months to dig-in and get organized. The three men were clearly looking for trouble. They found it.

      J and Dogsledder: The Oregon Governor was responding to Trump's complaint that she had done nothing. Her rebuttal had five points. Each point of the rebuttal was where she had done something to appease or reward the rioters for their poor behaviors. Far from addressing the problems, her actions contributed toward them.

  5. Either they went looking for trouble (and found it) or they are exceptionally stupid.

    But their example is why I say "don't be there".

    I've seen a Mon in action. These Antifa folks area Mob with Leadership. ANd you are on their ground (at least until we as a people choose to take it back).

    The Keyboard Commandoes like to deningrate folks like me who give the advice to Stay Away....but this is an example of why to be elsewhere.

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  7. I second the suggestion to stay away from crowds and would add this post about someone trying to infiltrate an Antifa meeting.
    Antifa appears to be very well organized and you go into their territory at your own peril.
    Opie Odd


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