Wednesday, September 9, 2020

When is a Molotov Cocktail a "Weapon of Mass Destruction"?


Victims of Boston Marathon Bombing, April 15, 2013. Image by Aaron Tang

The perpetrators of the Boston Marathon Bombing were accused of using a Weapon of Mass Destruction.

The bomb killed three people and injured approximately 250 more.

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The Camp Road fire in California, 2018 killed 85 people and caused $16 Billion of destruction.

A compelling case can be made that the intentional ignition of fires for the purpose of terrorizing or destroying property is the use a "Weapon of Mass Destruction".

Especially if:

  • Accelerents are used
  • Ambient fire conditions are high (Wind, humidity, Forest Service "fire warnings")
  • In areas of high population density
  • Near pressurized natural gas lines
  • Near vehicles with liquid, petroleum based fuels
  • In older parts of town where legacy buildings don't conform to current fire codes (balloon framing construction, materials, etc,)

Those who use Weapons of Mass Destruction are enemy combatants and should be treated as such.

Looking at the cities of Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington...nearly all of the "Especially if..." conditions are met.

It is my opinion that people tossing Molotov Cocktails should be shot down like rabid dogs.

From the US Penal Code:

(2) the term “weapon of mass destruction” means—

(A) any destructive device as defined in section 921 of this title;
From Section 921:
(4) The term “destructive device” means— (A) any explosive, incendiary, or poison gas—
(i) bomb,
(ii) grenade,
(iii) rocket having a propellant charge of more than four ounces,
(iv) missile having an explosive or incendiary charge of more than one-quarter ounce,
(v) mine, or
(vi) device similar to any of the devices described in the preceding clauses;
(B) any weapon that is designed or intended to cause death or serious bodily injury through the release, dissemination, or impact of toxic or poisonous chemicals, or their precursors; (Note from Joe: Many deaths in fires result from Carbon Monoxide inhalation.)
(C) any weapon involving a biological agent, toxin, or vector (as those terms are defined in section 178 of this title); or
(D) any weapon that is designed to release radiation or radioactivity at a level dangerous to human life; and (Note from Joe: Infrared is a form of heat. It is what warms your hands when you hold them up to the wood-stove. Infrared is a form of radiation) 


  1. Now there you go again, thinking logically. :-)

  2. And don't forget the ones with the 5W lasers... THEY should be shot too. And really easy to ID... Just follow the beam back.

    1. My thoughts exactly, and since I might not immediately know the difference between harmless and dangerous laser beams all will be treated as a danger


  3. speaking of weapons of mass destruction...


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