Monday, March 30, 2020


Ah, yes. The bone-headed, oppositional and defiant yutes.

You might as well throw illegal immigrants into the same mixing bowl. They did not get here by following rules and are overwhelmingly young (20s) and male.

It is tough-decision time for the love-them-into-adulthood crowd. Keep enabling or make them comply.

Each parent in traditional, two-parent families has a different role. Most likely, the mother was the font of unconditional love. Dad was more results oriented. Dad did not give you approval if you approximated the position of the stud beneath the OSB when driving a framing nail.

The normalization of the single-parent family and the vilification of all-things-male overwhelmingly meant that parenting styles saw a swift and massive shift shift to "unconditional love", mommy-style parenting as the "correct" way. , and then when the yutes proved incorrigible, the kids were turned out into the street/peer-groups and went semi-feral. Parenting by abdication.

Dad said "Don't go." Kid went anyway. Dad won't let adult son back in house. Press swoons.

Events like the New York parent who locked out his headstrong, 21 year-old, adult son when he came back from spring break are now considered newsworthy. By law, kids are kept on parents' healthcare plan until age 26, furthering the infantilization of young adults.

How will big cities and other governmental arms respond to the natural and logical consequences of their choices?

Most evidence suggests they are not going to step-up. The lunatics are running the asylum. Authorities are not enforcing separation and curfews because they fear riots. They don't have the political will to use fire-hoses, rubber bullets and even live rounds. At least not yet.

Your mileage will vary. Nobody can watch their own back 24/7. You need family, but it needs to be the portions of the family that won't sneak out and hang with the homies.

If you live near a "sanctuary city", the pinnacle of Mommy-knows-best government, you have my condolences. You are on your own.


  1. Yup, that's the description of what everybody is afraid of. It will be spread by careless people to people who are careful. H1N1 influenza can't be contained, so how can COVID19? Which city does not get the regular flu? Just seems like the conversation a year from now will be about who got the corona and who died. All of us will have our stories. But, maybe, hopefully not? Maybe the bad flu, I had last month will be my last for a long long time. I have survived crohns disease quite well for 35 years now and look forward to another 35. Where would we be without hope?

  2. The indolent underclass is going to get a rude awakening. It'll come down to having to protect the enclaves of the 'beautiful people' or let the two legged animals run the show. And the people with guns and bullets will protect the hive! Just the way it is. This isn't gonna stop at the end of April and the Fed can't save Wall St from the consequences of their crimes and sins. This sucker is going down and all we can do is ride it out. We're gonna find out what our grandparents were talking about when they were telling us about the Depression...
    The good news is that God is still in charge and culling the stupid makes the gene pool stronger.

    1. Great comment Fred. You scored SEVERAL great points ! (I was going to make a couple of them myself, but you beat me to it.)

    2. Obviously, I don't know any of you personally so these comments might not apply to you.

      It is my studied guess that one-person-in-twenty is emotionally prepared to shoot another human being.

      That means nineteen-in-twenty will wait too long or give away distance or a clear background for their field-of-fire.

      Tactically, it is very fine to let the hostiles think you are the one-in-twenty, even if you are not.

      However, if you THINK you might be one of the nineteen-in-twenty who hesitates to shoot a stray dog attacking your chickens then you need a Plan B, C and D.

      The default Plan B is the cloak of invisibility. Make your property un-memorable.

      Plan C is a dog and non-lethal means like pepper spray and a low-impedance electric fence charger.

      The key, in my mind, is to have your property hardened enough that you will be absolutely certain that the interlopers are of ill-intent if they persist in drilling their way in.

      A dog chasing chickens that are free-ranging is an opportunist who relies on luck. A dog that wiggled his way into your chicken coop is a verified threat to your chickens. While they are different ends of the same spectrum, euthanizing the one will cause a zhit-storm while shooting the other...well, nobody ever needs to know.

    3. You are right, Joe. Most people would have difficulty actually pulling the trigger. Even as a former Marine, I grapple with this in my mind, wondering if I am really willing and able to kill another human, even a feral one.

      One of the problems faced by the US Army in WWI and WWII was the difficulty a lot of young soldiers had in actually pulling the trigger when facing the enemy in their first combat. The Army had to come up with training programs just for the purpose of countering this natural reluctance to kill another human. There were a number of techniques, but the jist of it was to get them to disconnect their feelings from their reactions. In other words, don't think, don't feel, just REACT - instantly. There will be time enough later to think about it, and throw up if you need to.

  3. I think people's innate hesitation may decline somewhat as they shed their normalcy bias. The crazier things get the more 'Joe Normal' will lose his grip on social norms. Especially if he/she witnesses/survives a violent situation.
    The proverbial "come to Jesus moment" when the light bulb turns on and they realize they're dealing with violent, savage people intent on self gratification.

  4. Yep, don't blame the dad a bit!

  5. My CtJ moments were watching Reginald Denny get nearly beat to death and hearing reports on a police scanner that 'yute' students at CSUN were planning on looting the local BestBuy just because during the Rodney King riots. Final straw for my roommate was hearing some clown was trying to start a bulldozer at a construction site up the hill. That got the 12 gauge stationed next to the front door.


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