Tuesday, March 3, 2020


Does anybody else out there also have a sense that the entire "trans-" fad trivializes the totality of being one gender or the other?

I remember having a conversation with a sassy 14 year-old. Like some 14 year-olds, this one was sure they knew everything and was being extremely disrespectful to his/her parents.

The point I tried to make to the little nipper was that life is hard and much, much more complicated than they imagined.

Their disdain was based on the parents not measuring up to an arbitrary and superficial expectation of what a "man" was and what a "woman" was.

Their dad, just by virtue of holding down a job, paying taxes and being true to his wife was a ROCK-STAR of masculinity. Ditto for his mom, mousy old mom, being a ROCK-STAR of feminine beauty for being a solid wife and mother.

Not surprisingly, the kid did not understand.

A young man who transitions to a faux-woman trivializes the biology and the +20 years of conditioning that make women what they are. It turns the totality of being a "woman" into something superficial and shallow.

He is likely to respond "But I have always been a woman. I was trapped in the wrong body."

Being uncomfortable with the changes (physical, social, mental, romantically) that occur while growing into a man does not "make you a woman" by default.

Gender is not an avatar. We cannot just decide that we are really an 8' tall, blue man and have it be so.

What do you have after an unhappy, young man 'transitions'?
You usually have a very unhappy, ersatz, sort-of woman.

Perhaps he opted out of being a man because he could not compete. Now he is a homely, clueless woman...a plastic tumbler of Kool-aid at a wine tasting party.

Neither fish nor fowl nor fettuccine. Sold a bill of goods by hucksters profiting from his unhappiness.

Do I hate "trans" people?

No, I hate the hucksters and the cheerleaders goading these poor smucks into doing irreversible damage to their bodies...all for profit and to score 'woke' points.


  1. Indeed. It's an irony that these are the same people who would say that people on the Right can't science.

  2. I, for one, can not WAIT to see how the Olympic committee handles this situation. Locally, regionally, i can understand. Globally?

  3. "plastic tumbler of Kool-aid at a wine tasting party"- best summation ever of Bruce Jenner and every other tranny I have ever seen. Unattractive at best, utterly repulsive at worst.
    I once worked in a factory where a man who thought he was a woman worked. He had breasts, but otherwise was built like a fire plug. The men made fun of him, and the women did not want him in their rest room. A truly pathetic waste of human flesh.


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