Thursday, March 19, 2020

Work progresses

Before Lee cleaned up.
Pictures added because of the first comment by Uninformed

The close-out around the insert measures 44" wide by 29" high.

One concern is that I have is that the collar for the stove-pipe is only a 1/4 inch high. The corrugated 6" chimney liner came with a funnel-type adapter. Perhaps that is supposed to drop into the hole rather than clamping the liner onto the flange.  I am going to let the mortar set for three days before I start messing around with it.


  1. Darn it. Since nobody else wanted to open their mouth and remove all doubt I'll take the hit.This work on the fireplace is obviously meant to be an improvement. My uninformed question is what exactly does this do? Is it better draft, does it make the fireplace burn hotter or slower or ....

    1. I purchased a fireplace insert. The faceplate measures 44 inches wide by 29 inches tall. The original opening was 60 inches wide (sixteen inches wider than the close-out) and more than 30 inches tall. The concrete slab raised the floor so the height of the opening is less than 29 inches high. The 1-1/2 bricks 2X reduced the width of the opening to about 36" so the 44" wide close-out will cover it.

      The insert is 27 inches wide by 21 inches tall so I have lots of room for my hands to attach chimney liners. The additional room might come in handy if I decide I need a larger insert in the future.

      Thanks for jumping on the hand-grenade and asking.

  2. Gotcha I dicovered hidden treasure ... it was a buried lede pipe cinch lol

  3. Warning - Pop Wilder had one of those. It was wonderful - we loved it. He (me, when I visited from college) cleaned the chimney religiously. One day, 13 years or so after, he had a chimney fire. The wood stove was efficient, but so efficient that the temperatures (my theory) in the chimney never got high enough to burn out the relatively small amounts of creosote and then they built up.



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