Friday, March 27, 2020

Kabuki Theater?

Representative Massey, representing the people in the Great State of Kentucky who elected him, kicked sand in Emporess Pelosi's face.

I applaud from the cheap seats.

We have been reminded countless times that the moron from the Bronx does not represent the United States. She represents the people who put her into office.

Massey calculated that his constituents would be unimpressed with the hundreds of millions of dollars being funneled into pork in places that they would never benefit.

The thing about bullies is that they  cheerfully visit violence on victims as long as it can be done freely without cost to the bully.

It stops being fun and the bully picks a different victim after there is a price and they have actual skin in the game. It has always been like that. It will always be like that.

Pelosi held the process hostage. Remember, that is the process we are told to respect.

Then Massey held the process hostage and forced congressmen to fly back to Washington DC and swim in the cesspool of the national capital rather than telecommute from their gated communities.

Suddenly, Pelosi's bullying came with a cost. They screamed.

I reply, "Trust the process. If you want to stick crap in the bill then be prepared to come back to Washington DC to defend it and vote for it. If you are not prepared to pay the price then stick to the business at hand."

Massey may get primaried next election cycle, but he sure put our would-be masters on notice. That process works both ways as long as somebody, anybody, has the cajones to use it.


  1. Sadly, however, I fear that we're going to find out, now that the bill has been passed, that there's still WAY too much pork in the bill. And that the good Representative from Kentucky didn't really change anything - but he did get his name in the news. And the end result, while probably not perfect, is hopefully better than the proposal from the Wicked Witch of the West.

  2. Pelosi does represent the people that put her in office. She is also representative of those people. As are all of those in congress and every other elected office. Tells you a lot about the different parts of the country.---ken


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