Friday, March 13, 2020

Extending gardens and water bottles

I am playing with the idea of extending the garden. The extension would be 30 feet wide by 170 feet long. It would extend along the south side of the "serious" orchard and our current garden.

I floated the idea past a couple of my more level-headed nephews. They had no interest in gardening.

Changing the garden will impact the pasture perimeter fence. It will entail spraying glyphosate to kill the sod.

If things seriously go in the toilet, it is likely they will change their minds. Part of what I am thinking is I could make the changes and plant place-holder vegetables like sweet corn or potatoes or cantaloupe. If things flip right-side-up, I can replant to grass and clover.

I don't anticipate that I would have any problem selling sweet corn or cantaloupes. I would have to pull the trigger on planting potatoes approximately May 1. Sweet corn and cantaloupes would be first week of June. Carrots, beets, rutabagas etc would be July 4. So I have multiple buses pulling out of the station but I might want to price out the seed for each option.

This merits thinking on.

Water bottles
My impression is that the drinking water side of water treatment is more automated and less labor intensive than the waste-water side.

I would expect raw sewage to be dumping long before potable water is impacted. I will have to ask my buddy Sid. He would know.

Nevertheless, I am filling both of my water bottles.


  1. I would suggest in your situation planting the potatoes in tires or raised bed frames. Fill the tire with dirt and pant the potatoe cuttings. then when they are about a foot high put on another tire and holding the plant together fill with dirt. And repeat until fall. You should get 4 tires high there. It should yield about 1/2 bushel. A lot easier than working in new ground. And you can put them where the ground is poor and upgrade it for next year.--ken

  2. More garden is something that would be a good idea. You can always sell or donate the excess!!

  3. Interesting idea, and it would give you more 'options'...


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