Saturday, March 7, 2020

A glorious day to be outside

It was a beautiful day.

I frost seeded parts of the pasture. The freeze-thaw cycle works the seed into the ground. I did it early in the morning while the mud was still frozen. It makes for much easier walking.

Mr Pepper, one of my coffee drinking buddies, was buried today. The turn-out was incredible...maybe 200 people.

The Springport VFW showed up and rendered a 21 gun salute. Taps was played. Two officers from Wright-Patterson drove up and represented the Air Force. The clergy who officiated was the Rev. Bill Luger.

Note to self: When I am 85 and have the flu, don't climb a ladder and play on the roof. The d*mned cats can figure out their own way down.

Mr Pepper went out the way he wanted. He landed on his head, regained consciousness in the hospital. Was able to say good-bye to folks for a couple of days and then hit the silk.


  1. Mr. Pepper must have been quite a guy. I always really liked frost seeding as it is so effective for rejuvenating the pastures. Especially Red Clover. I also experimented with seeding it late in the fall when it was too late to germinate with equally good success. I would often mix the clover with lime to even out the seed distribution and give my ph a little bump. --ken

  2. Can't frost-seed down here, too warm. So I get the seeds in the ground in early-mid Feb, a month before the last average frost date (mid-March)for this zone. Planting on a New Moon really makes'em pop out of the ground, usually within 3-4 days.

  3. Mr. Pepper could have been my Dad's younger brother he never had. I had to throw him off his roof in his early 80s. Caught him up there cleaning the gutters.


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