Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Crocodilia feminista

A friend emailed me recently. His oldest boy is making some decisions that are completely foreign to him.

That turned my thoughts to how society is is failing men, and boys, so systematically that one must speculate that the failure is intentional.

I recommended The Heretics of St Possenti by Rolf Nelsen to my friend. He doesn't have a lot of time, so I don't know if he will read it. So, I am rereading it.

I also stumbled across this article and it was filled with many pithy lines that I intend to steal in the future.

We have undertaken a great experiment unknown to any society until a hundred years ago. It is the education of boys en masse by women, always indoors and in the company of girls. I think we can say, with reservations, that the experiment has failed.

For a long time, a still healthy world mitigated the effects of the experiment and masked the results. No longer. Nor will any demographic objections apply. We are comparing apples with apples. The boys come from the same homes as their sisters, the same schools, and the same social environment

(The best women teachers)...prefer to teach Treasure Island to boys (and) to teach Anne of Green Gables to girls. They will know better than to expect boys to catch fire from stories of gossip and social climbing, however finely written.

...Crocodilia feminista... 

Feminists refute themselves performatively when they decline to marry men who are less competent than they are.

If we were talking about any other demographic group so obviously ill-served and so colossally underachieving, with neither poverty nor genetics nor social situation to plead even a specious excuse, there would be a national outcry.  

If you hire a man to teach English in your school, and the girls languish because they can’t stand his manners or the things he chooses to teach, you let that man go; it’s his fault. If you hire a woman for the same job in the same place, and the boys languish because they can’t stand her manners or the things she chooses to teach, she keeps her job as long as she wants; it’s their fault.

But what if we want the boys to fail? Not, of course, that this boy should fail, a motive that would be outright wicked. I mean that there’s something about how we live that fears the fearless man, the far-sighted man, the man for whom all the contemporary pieties are straw. To rob the house, you must bind the strong man first.

The conformists of our time are all “revolutionary” in the same stale, dispirited way, ruining good, old things and then turning to structures of the masses to make up for it. For those in the middle classes and above, the result has been a life of cushioned mediocrity—one comfortable with the largely hidden hierarchies that keep man small and tidy, and fearful of the too near and personal hierarchies that can make man fit to participate in greatness.

That interest in how society is failing boys and men was part of the motivation for the mortality rates by gender post.


  1. That is a great article. That is one of my favorite sites.

  2. It is why I have become a scout master.

  3. Pardon the incoming french, but my father-in-law has been calling this the "pussification of America" since i've known him.


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