Wednesday, March 4, 2020

A random comment about Bernie

Bernie's campaign turned turtle and sank throughout the southeast this past week.

I wonder how much of that is due to his New York accent.

Texans complain about folks retiring out of California, bringing the wad of cash they got when they harvested the equity in their house, and then trying to turn Texas into Los Angelito. That is a relatively new phenomena.

New York City retirees have been fleeing the Big Apple since the 1950s. Going to Virginia, the Carolinas, Florida, the Gulf Coast and more recently the mid-South. Once there, they bitch about the lack of amenities, grits, too much fried food, the tea is too sweet, the quality of the pastrami and the "uncouth" behavior of the natives.

The natural reaction of the natives is "If you liked NYC so much, why did you decide to come here and make our lives miserable?

Bernie talking pushes all of those buttons for the locals.


  1. Your average democrat down here in the south has no use for communism in any form. At least they haven't gone THAT crazy yet.

    1. Q- What is the difference between a communist and a democrat ?
      A- the communist doesn't believe the lies he is telling.

  2. One can only imagine what kinds of promises (or threats) were made in order to get two still-viable candidates to quit just a day or two prior to Super Tuesday. If the DNC was going to have any chance of derailing Bernie, it absolutely HAD to be done before Tuesday, otherwise Bernie would be the runaway leader.

    The DNC and the Democrat elite want the same thing as Bernie. They are just as committed to Socialism, aka Communism, as Bernie is. But they are at least clever enough to know that they cannot OPENLY say that, because most people would never vote for them if the did. Socialism does not play well in Peoria. Rush has been pointing this out for many years.

    A nominee who is an out and proud Commie like Bernie scares the crap out of the DNC. They know he would crash and burn spectacularly in the general election, taking a lot of the down-ticket races down in flames along with him.

    So taking Bernie out is job number one for the DNC. BUT to openly take the nomination away from him in a brokered convention would be an unmitigated disaster for them. Thus, they made the behind the scenes deal to get the second place and fourth place candidates out of the way, AND at the same time throw their support and delegates to senile ol' Joe.

  3. That he does... And he's NOT getting the millennials votes in the South because they don't live in their parent's basements.... LOL

  4. The same thing occurs in northern Wisconsin and here in the U P of Michigan when the FIBs [you figure it out] come up here from Chicago and buy summer homes or worse yet move here. ---ken


    2. FIBs are Fucking Illinois Bastards. SHITs are Shit Head Illinois Tourists. Acronyms commonly used in northern Wisconsin and here in the UP.

  5. Bernie is a grass-roots King so he did well down in the Rio Grand Valley, which is mostly Hispanic. He also took El Paso and San Antonio, same reason. And he took the big college towns, Austin, North Dallas and (surprisingly) Brazos County - where Texas A&M is located. Joe took Houston, DFW and all of East Texas, which is old Southern Democrat territory.

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