Wednesday, March 25, 2020

A few pictures

Nicotiana seeds

Cuttings. The ones with little bits of green are elderberries.

Violets on the south side of our house where they get the reflector oven effect

Daffodils. Flowers are still sheathed but they are taller than the leaves.


Garlic. Somebody missed a few when harvesting them.

To be separated and replanted where I want feral garlic. Garlic is a tough plant that can fend for itself.
Chickweed is edible

And even this early it is blooming

That faint streak of hair down one side of the stem is a key characteristic in identifying this species.
Witchhazel. Not sure if it is Vernal or Chinese. It smells divine.
Incidentally, I received my first email telling me that my order of trees has been cancelled due to Covid-19. Hopefully, it is not the start of a trend.


  1. We're still getting snow out here. We're probably a month behind you.

  2. Feral garlic.
    Boy that sounds scary.

  3. I just received word that my seed potato order is being shipped today. I'm relieved. Even though I ordered them the end of January, I was concerned that they might cancel the order.


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