Monday, March 16, 2020

How long will Plasma Donor Centers operate?

Belladonna works at a center that collects blood plasma. The plasma is separated into various components and then used to treat various illnesses.

It is our biggest risk of exposure. Bella gets exposed, catches Covid-19. She lives with us. We get exposed...

Bella says that her donors are not world travelers. They might be homeless. They might have substance abuse issues or not be emotionally regulated and able to hold down a job...but most of them have not been to Italy recently.

It begs the question: How long will plasma collection agencies be allowed to run?

Not from the standpoint of Belladona's risk, but due to the potential for Covid-19 contaminating their products.

I assume there are safeguards in place because there are many other virus out there, Herpes, Hepatitis, HIV. Most of the safeguards seem to involve screening for antibodies. Antibodies don't show up immediately so blood products from a newly infected patient can slip by.

Curious minds want to know, how long can plasma collection agencies run before their products are potentially tainted with Covid-19 and must be pitched?


  1. IDK , but Dr.M and I are going to the local blood center tomorrow to make donations before everything blows up here.

  2. Might actually ramp up in cases. I saw something yesterday, I think on Instapundit, about getting antibodies from people who have recovered from covid 19 to treat those who've just caught it.


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