Monday, March 23, 2020

Decoding political language

It is not uncommon for politicians to say one thing but mean another.

It is a code.

There are some "third rails" that must not be approached because even the looniest of voters will call 'Balderdash' and you will not be reelected.

The key is to use language that is meaningful to those people perched on the third-rail but is obscure to the vast majority of the electorate who would oppose the measure.

An example
Why would the Democratic leadership oppose the $1200 helicopter money being proposed to help out-of-work cooks, waitresses, buss boys and others make their rent payments? Helicopter money is the realization of their wildest, leftist dreams.

The un-translated code is "...the bill gives too much to corporations...".

I propose that if translated into everyday English the real reason would read "None of this money goes to illegal aliens."

The point is that helicopter money will go to documented people. That is, those of us who have paid taxes and filed 1040 forms. Those 1040 forms, by the way, are the only source of "number of dependents" information.

Those who don't exist as Social Security Numbers will not get any money.

Anybody want to guess who doesn't have Social Security Numbers? Anybody? Beuller?

That is right. Illegal aliens. They don't have Social Security Numbers because they are not here legally. They don't pay income taxes.

I get that they pay sales taxes. But those are at the point of transaction and there is no record.

So what would the looniest of voters deduce: Illegal aliens broke laws to be here. They don't pay taxes. The Democratic leadership wants to give illegal aliens big we paid as taxes last they will tip several states their way...including Texas, an enormous electoral prize.

Pelosi is holding up relief for millions of tax-paying Americans who are hurting so she can be seen handing it to illegal aliens. That is Russian Roulette. The waitresses who have a percentage of their sales receipts withheld from their pay based on imputed income, that is, tips they might have received, would be particularly angry with Mrs Pelosi if they ever figured that out.


  1. Every situation is different with wet backs. Here is mine. They are concrete workers here in southern colorado. I am personal friends with the owner of the company they work for. When they get to pueblo, they go somewhere to get a good social security number(identity theft?), but, of course it's not theirs. The boss with holds taxes and sends the taxes to the government. The boss gets a letter from irs informing him that jose name does not match his ss number, but, under no uncertain terms he can not legally fire them for this letter. The boss gives the letter to jose. Everyone knows what's going on. All the taxes collected go to earnings suspense fund, awaiting correct person to collect which never happens. Billions of dollars. What does jose do? He hires a immigration attorney to represent him for his green card hearing in denver. $15,000 for attorney fees. Judge tells jose, to stay in country, keep working paying all his bills and never ever ask the state for any financial assistance and never get arrested, then in 12 years latter you will get your green card and social security number.
    All that said to say, no free money for them.
    Here's the thing joe, when I ask them how they feel about everyone ganging up on them and trying to make it difficult for them, you know what they say? Gregorio, bro, you don't understand Chihuahua, it is so bad there that no matter the problems we get in here, we will never ever go back to mexico. We are americans, who have a job, family and home. Very thankful no matter what.
    I have no idea how many mexicans are like this nation wide, but, all the ones I know are like what I describe. Side note: all their children graduate college and get americanized and don't really resemble their parents. Funny how that works.

  2. I think you hit dead center on the X ring.


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