Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Burrito meat

Belladonna was quartering and coring an apple for her breakfast this morning.

"Save your core for me. I need it to bait a trap" I said.

"What are you trying to trap?" Bella asked.

"Burrito meat."

Actually, it is a woodchuck in the barn.

It dug several holes through the compacted gravel. The most accessible hole drops straight down like a 12" diameter manhole. The, 18 inches below ground it takes off toward the north.

So far, the compacted gravel and the enormous diameter have stymied my attempts to set-up a body-grip trap. Hence the live trap and apple cores.

Bella changed her request for her birthday meal from Mexican to Chinese.   No worries, I have it covered.


  1. Once it's cut up and in the pan she'll never know the difference, or maybe she will...might taste better than the mystery meat from the Chinese place. Good luck catching that 'chuck - they can be wiley buggers.

    1. I can see it now.

      "Dad, what kind of meat is this?"

      Me, answering honestly "Chuck steak."

  2. My first thought was that now school is out hire a neighbor kid to sit out there with his 22 and shoot it. Then I remembered that they don't make that kind anymore.--ken

  3. Kid unfortunately. Nor many of the kind that mow lawns, paint fences, stack hay bales, split and stack fire wood, pick fruit or any of those numerous summer jobs that make muscle and put money in the pocket.


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