Thursday, March 12, 2020

Just like that


  1. There is an old saying that nothing focuses the mind like the knowledge you are you going to be executed in the morning. In the same way, the fear that this bug could kill you by next month tends to make other concerns fade into the background.

    Maybe in a way it is a good thing, forcing people to focus on things that are truly important. Family, food, and most importantly getting right with God.

    1. Well, that and the fact that it mows down people over the age of sixty.

  2. The reality of the situation has hit colorado today. Here's some stats: Pueblo started testing today I think. 9th person tested was positive. For the whole state, 600 tested 77 positive.
    3 teenager
    5 20s
    14 30s
    15 40s
    14 50s
    11 60s
    11 70s
    4 80s
    8 people hospitalized
    3 critical
    1 death
    62 residents positive
    15 visitors positive
    41 female
    36 male

    It's going to be a problem testing people and then finding out they were sitting in waiting room exposing everyone including staff.
    Governor announced there is now thousands that are infected.
    Asks the sick people to drive up testing in Denver and Co Springs.
    New rules no groups over 250.
    Everything is closing down and locking out.
    All government offices closing.
    Public Utilities offices are closing to public.
    Schools in pueblo canceled.
    All nursing homes, hospice anything for elderly closed for visitors.
    My church FWC Pueblo, has canceled services.
    All prisons closed to visitors.


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