Thursday, March 12, 2020

From the comments

From reader Aggie
"Sam's club today had people grabbing off the pallets as the pallets were being moved into place on the floor. Grocery store empty shelves.

Funny what people prioritize. I'm more concerned with matters upstream, speaking in an alimentary sense."
I used to work with a woman named Diane A. She was a maintenance supervisor.

She did not cook. She ate all of her meals outside her house.

"Sure, lots of people do that." you reply.

May be so, but how many people find out their stove was not plugged in when they sell their house. The inspector for the buyer found it.

Diane had never turned on her stove.

The Dianes of the world are going to be in a world of hurt when the truck drops off a month's supply of pancake mix, spaghetti and frozen ground beef.

I doubt she even has the proverbial pot to piss in.


  1. Have a buddy who's prospective wife brought dinner over. When she went to heat it up we discovered card board packing in he oven attached with strapping tape. He had been in that house three or four years. to this day, now that the wife has come and gone is dinning at the gas station.

  2. I’m on assignment to a large grocery chain in the Albany, NY area. We typically provide 6-8 power units with drivers to pull their trailers from DC to stores. Currently I’m one of 20 on station at this facility. While unloading at the stores it is not unusual to have associates grab items off the pallets to bring out front to customers. Store shelves are being emptied and restocked. Stores that typically get two trucks a day are now getting four. I’m going to request a bumper sticker for my truck- this driver has less than 20 rolls of toilet paper after dark.


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