Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Walkking, Day five A-A-R

Mostly uneventful.  The compression shorts were the final piece of the puzzle.

Fourteen miles with very few issues, and that was with carrying all my water on my back.  I took 160 ounces and only drank 80. Speed averaged 2.6 miles per hour so I am still walking slower than dirt.

A few pictures:

There would have been more pictures except I failed to check the SD card in the camera.  I had an SD card in the back-up camera so I moved it to the one I was carrying.
Somebody was playing the carillion as I trudged up-hill into downtown Vermontville.  I recognized one of the melodies.  A very nice way to start the walk.

"Drive like your KIDS live here."
This church is in the middle of nowhere.
Still obsessing about water.  This pond is on the other side of the road from a gravel pit so I think it is the result of that activity.  I bet it is filed with bullheads.

Lots of little cricks


This is where I took a water break.  It is the student parking lot at an Amish grade school, the brick building in the background. I-S-Y-N.

Jet contrails.  I am curious about the "feathering" to the left of the larger contrails.  They almost look like the feathering on an English Setter's legs.
I saw less than the usual amount of litter.  One piece I did see was this table.  Curiously, the panels are not slate or marble, they are granite that has been finished as faux slate. 
According to the label on the back, it was manufactured 1/11/2012 so it was not very old before somebody got tired of it.

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