Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Shamelessly cribbed from The Woodpile Report

...if you're in a city, stay away from crowds, they're trouble by intent. What happens to the crowd happens to you. It's not as if you'll be consulted before it all goes bad. There's never a good reason to forfeit your own good judgment.

If the game is on, cities will get untenable...It's your call, no one will ring a bell and make an announcement. If you're told anything you'll be told to "remain calm and carry on, order is being restored". People want to believe it so they will believe it, and there's your opportunity. First out is best out. 

Cities are supported entirely from the outside: food, fuel, electricity, water—everything. All will stutter maddeningly, then wink out to nothing.

I must have blinked.  It used to be common knowledge that parents made decisions.  Those decisions had consequences for both the parent and the child.  As Spiderman's Uncle Ben Parker wisely intoned, "With great power comes great responsibility."

The parent was held to a higher standard.  Their decisions, their actions impacted not only themselves (tough bananas, you gotta be tough if you are going to be stupid) but the helpless.  How convoluted and high-entropy, to hold the POTUS responsible for poor parenting decisions.  Couldn't we assign accountability to somebody at a lower level, somebody closer to the problem?

We live in a time of style divorced from function, consequences that are twisted out of anything Darwin would recognize.  That can only be sustain at great cost; cost in BTUs, cost in emotion, cost in cognitive dissonance.  I doubt that it is sustainable.  The snap-back will sting.

My thinking here is pretty simple.  Those people (Antifa and the far-far-Right) who are urging everybody to "get it on" are abdicating their responsibility.  The chaos they unleash will sting not just them, but their children and future children.  It has never been wise to outsource one's responsibilities or one's moral compass.

I count myself as blessed.  Style?  Black "T" shirts and running shoes.  Elaborate control structures?  Classical conditioning all the way.  Code of ethics?  The Good Book.  It is neigh-well impossible to knock a guy off his pedestal when he is standing in a chest-deep hole.  There is much to be said for maintaining a low entropy life style.

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